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The Millennium School: Focuses on inculcating social values and strong moral in your child

Advertorial | Updated on: 21 February 2020, 12:27 IST

Education is one of the most important parts of one’s life to get the success. As providing education to the child our country will also move towards the stage of development. Because it’s only the education that helps us in building the society in a positive manner.

As we all know that school is the second home for children after their home. Therefore, it is necessary every school that they should provide the healthy environment to the students like home. Are you also in search of schools like a home where your child not only get the quality of education but also learn extra-curricular activities. Today, we are giving you one of the options in which you can enrol your child in his/her education. The Millennium school which is famous for its principles and other extra-curricular activities that not only make your child intelligent but also make develop the brain of your child to think widely.

Millennium is focused on the educational brilliance, athletic, intellectual growth as well as arts. The School also believed in imparting the social values and other ethics to the students. Because these days various schools are only focusing on the high fees and infrastructure and all have forgotten to give the social values to the students. Therefore, various crime cases committed by the students just because of the lack of knowledge among them.

School campus also has a picturesque in an extensive area as we have also focused on the greenery in our surroundings. Talking about the facility in school, it spacious and well ventilated, in this technology era, it is also equipped with computer-aided learning, round the clock internet access, playrooms and activity rooms. The sports section is also not ignored by the school campus as every child would avail the sports facility for basketball, volleyball, cricket and other sports too.

The school is also affiliated to CBSE under the 10 scheme. It is also one of the top 10 school in Sohna Road Gurgaon. The most special and unique thing that you will get from the school is that that ‘Teacher-learning-evaluation. This process includes online assignments, smart classes, transparency in assessment and also help in evaluating the performance of the students. Parents and students can access all the important information through their log-in usernames and passwords.

The Millennium School in Gurgaon also teaches positive attitudes and values among your child. You will definitely find a change in your child’s behaviour as well as he will also become a responsible citizen of the nation.

First published: 16 April 2018, 16:53 IST