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Protest in Nepal over rape, murder of 13-yr-old

News Agencies | Updated on: 26 August 2018, 12:22 IST

Protests were staged in Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu on Saturday against the government for its failure to arrest the culprits of the Kanchanpur rape incident.

Activists and the general public took to the streets in Kathmandu in support of the family of a 13-year-old victim, who was found dead on July 26 in a sugarcane farm after being raped.
The demonstration, led by the social activist groups marched from the Maitighar Mandala to the Parliament in Baneshwor, chanting slogans and displaying placards with messages against the government.

Speaking to ANI, a demonstrator said, "Instead of arresting the culprit, the government has been claiming that the protests are violent and provocative. The father and mother of the victims have been threatened. We citizens have taken this matter with the utmost seriousness."

The number of rape cases in the Himalayan nation has been continuously rising. An estimated two to three rape cases are registered in the country on daily basis. The public and opposition parties pin the blame on the government for not taking adequate efforts to curb it.

"I hope that the government will take some initiation over the incident of Kanchanpur. While settling the tension, there should not be any pressing down of the issue. We all came down in rage. These incidents are unacceptable for the Nepali society," Gagan Thapa, the leader of the opposition Nepali Congress party, who took part in the protest on Saturday told ANI.

The protestors also demanded the resignation of the Home Minister for using excessive force on the protestors rather than arresting the culprit.



First published: 26 August 2018, 12:22 IST