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Pakistan has license to kill, rape Baloch people; UN has turned a blind eye: Naela Quadri Baloch

News Agencies | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:38 IST

Accusing the Pakistan Army of having the licence to "kill, rape and torture Baloch people and to take out their organs to sell them," Baloch Kurd liberation activist and World Baloch Women's Forum president Naela Quadri Baloch has demanded that the United Nations which has "turned blind and has closed its ears and mouth" to wake up and listen what is going on in Balochistan.

"The Pakistani Army has (a) licence to kill us, licence to rape us, licence to torture, licence to take out organs and sell them, because the Pakistani Army is involved in the organ trade of the Baloch people with the help of the Edhi Foundation; and, Pakistan is running rape cells, where Baloch women are abducted, kept and raped. Pakistan is doing all kinds of those atrocities that a sane human mind cannot imagine," Naela said.

Stating that Pakistan is committing this genocide of the Baloch people with the full support of China as a form of "ethnic cleansing", Naela said, "The International Day of Human Rights was announced by the UN, but it is silent despite the atrocities and the level of genocide going on in Balochistan by the Pakistan Army and the Pakistani establishment. It's like a kind of situation where Baloch people have no rights that even your animals have."

Buttressing her claims, the Baloch activist said, "We have found more than 100 mass graves with more than 100 bodies in each, and doctors say they were alive when they were buried in those mass graves."

They are burning Baloch villages and towns "it is a situation that no human heart can see and keep silent," she said.

"But we are surprised and we are worried about the legal status of the UN now."

She said that what is going on in a part of the world (Balochistan) is very much needed for connecting the Indian Ocean to the Central Asia; it's very much needed to be a route; it's very much needed for people's trade; and it's very much needed for the economic corridor (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor-CPEC).

"It is not a corridor; it is our home; it is a corridor for outsider; it is a corridor for occupiers and passersby; for us it is our home," she said.

Naela said, "The United Nations is blind and has closed its ears and mouth to what's going on in this part of the world. And this is the seventieth 10th December that the Baloch people are facing, and the U.N. is silent. So, on this day, on the behalf of the Baloch nation, on this International Day of Human Rights, we demand the U.N. to please wake up and to please listen what is going on in Balochistan."

Yes, you are the United Nations, a nation of 40 million people, one of the biggest nations on the earth, is living without a country and needs you, said Naela.

"A nation is going to be finished from the face of the earth, so we are an endangered nation."

"You (U.N.) work for the endangered species and animals, the world is working for them but what if we are endangered? So, the Baloch nation is going to be finished from the face of the earth and the U.N. is silent and the international community is silent, it's a very-very worrisome situation for us," she added.

Meanwhile, to mark International Human Rights Day on December 10 (Saturday), Baloch political activists across world, including the U.K., Canada, Australia, South Korea, Germany and many other European nations held protests against the atrocities committed by the Pakistan establishment on their people back home.

It was on 10 December, 1948, when the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In Geneva (Switzerland), Abdul Bugti of Baloch Republican Party said, "The objective of the protest demonstration is to highlight the abuses in Balochistan on this occasion. There are massive human rights abuses going on in Balochistan by the 'terror-state' of Pakistan, its army and intelligence agencies."

"They are engaged in killing and enforced disappearances of Baloch civilians on daily basis. We have been highlighting these issues and we want international community to stop Baloch genocide," he added.


First published: 11 December 2016, 11:40 IST