Japan trying to sway regional powers; India isn't a pawn to contain China: Chinese daily

News Agencies | First published: 12 November 2016, 14:48 IST
Shinzo Modi

A Chinese state-run media, on 12 November, accusing Japan of exploiting Sino-India dispute for it's own interests, said India will not become a "pawn" for Japan to contain China.

"Japan wants to use the disputes between China and India to court India's help to contain China. Japan seeks to urge India to meddle in the South China Sea issue, even at the cost of changing its long-held position of reducing nuclear usage to offer special benefits of civil nuclear cooperation to India," Global Times said in an editorial on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's three-day visit to Japan.

"Looking at Japan's diplomatic policies over the past few years, (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo) Abe administration has become more active trying to sway regional powers to encircle China," the daily said.

It said that India is in need of acquiring nuclear and military technology from Japan and attracting more investment for its manufacturing industries and infrastructure, like high-speed railways.

The daily, however, said that India is not likely to change its position according to the wishes of Japan.

"India takes a multilateral approach to diplomacy and pursues a status as a leading power. Japan's plans are full of antagonism, which contradicts India's policies. Therefore India will practically assess specific cooperation with Japan case by case," the daily said.

"India will not become a pawn for Japan to contain China, as it wants to become a power on par with China and Japan and benefit from both sides. India will get closer to Japan but will not enter into a brotherhood relationship," it said.