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Islamic State claims responsibility for #Paris Attack

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 November 2015, 17:24 IST

A day after over 120 people were killed in multiple attacks across Paris, the Islamic State on Saturday claimed responsibility for it. But even before the IS claimed responsibility, French President Francois Hollande had already declared that the militant group was behind the horrific attacks.He also declared three days of mourning in the country.

This comes after several media outlets reported about the IS releasing an undated video threatening to attack France if bombings of its fighters continue. According to Reuters, in the video, a bearded Arabic-speaking militant is seen warning that as long as bombings go on, there will be no peace in France. The group's foreign media arm, Al-Hayat Media Centre, made the threat through a militant, calling on French Muslims to carry out attacks, the News Agency reported.

How did the attack unfold

The attack unfolded with two suicide bombings and an explosion outside the national stadium during a soccer match between the French and German national teams. Within minutes, according to Paris police chief Michel Cadot, another group of attackers sprayed cafes outside the concert hall with machine gunfire, then stormed inside and opened fire on the panicked audience. As police closed in, they detonated explosive belts, killing themselves.

These are the places that were attacked

First published: 14 November 2015, 17:24 IST