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India: Stronger international response to terrorism is need of hour

News Agencies | Updated on: 31 October 2017, 14:08 IST
Syed Akbaruddin (ANI)

India's permanent representative at United Nations (UN) Syed Akbaruddin said a stronger international response to terrorism is need of the hour.

Addressing the fifteenth meeting of the UN Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT), Akbaruddin said, "India, with its experience of countering terrorism over the past several decades, is aware of the nature of the menace that terrorism, with its supporting eco-systems poses and the necessity of collective international effort required to counter it. There is no way around a stronger international response to this threat."

He maintained that anti-terrorism strategy should be chalked out by keeping in mind that terrorists think ahead into the future.

"While we struggle to actualize our essential counter terrorism necessities, terrorists think ahead into the future. While we take years to work on our approach of a collective response to terrorist threats faced in the past, the threats of tomorrow are being planned in the dark web and obscure safe havens. Thus, as the international community we are constantly tailing the tormentors of our people, never thinking ahead and always reacting to what's being planned for months or even years ahead," said Akbaruddin.

He further said that Global Counter Terrorism Strategy faces challenge of acting in a more coordinated manner, more coherently, more strategically, and with more foresight to tackle the challenges of the future.

"For the UNCCT to make a mark, we need to be ready to think big, think long-term and adjust the course whenever required. Strengthening of the UN system and our collective response to the threat posed by terrorists must remain a priority. Unfortunately, this approach seems yet to permeate our actions," Akbaruddin said.

He demanded enhanced budget for the anti-terrorism body.

"Increasing the regular budget component in assisting the functioning of the UN's Counter Terrorism activities is inescapable , now or later. It will need to be considered with seriousness. This is inescapable, otherwise, we risk turning the UN's Counter Terrorism efforts into those of a trauma centre, rather than of an institution acting with forethought and foresight," Akbaruddin asserted.

He further added that the Office of Counter Terrorism(OCT) is a long pending first step in a series of things that are still to be taken to face the challenges.

He hoped the new OCT will bring a sense of urgency to the UN's approach and move away from our ever-recurring tendency of working on the fringes. 


First published: 31 October 2017, 14:08 IST