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CIA creates dedicated mission center for North Korea

News Agencies | Updated on: 11 May 2017, 13:53 IST

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has established a dedicated unit to address the concerns of Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile and to monitor the behaviour of its unpredictable leader Kim Jong-un.

The CIA announced the creation of the Korean Mission Center with special emphasis on specific threats from the Korean Peninsula .

This proactive approach by United States comes amid reignited fears that North Korea might conduct sixth nuclear test.

The new unit will allow the CIA to harness the full resources, capabilities and authorities of the Agency to deal with North Korea, CNN quoted the agency, as saying in a statement.

The new unit will work closely with the US intelligence community and the entire US national security community to monitor the North Korean threat.

All the veteran and experienced selected for North Korean Mission Center will bring their expertise to deal against the Pyongyang's threats. A veteran CIA operations officer has been selected to act as head of the center and appointed Assistant Director for Korea.

Former CIA senior analyst John Nixon suggested that the 24x7 center should consider issuing "sitreps"--situation reports for the intelligence community and the Trump administration possibly twice daily, CNN reports.

This center will be of much help to the Trump administration as his foreign policy priorities will be acknowledged.

U.S. President Donald Trump earlier on Friday condemned the ballistic missile launched by North Korea, saying that it has disrespected the wishes of China.

"North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. Bad!" Trump tweeted.

Trump has been pressuring China to deal with North Korea more aggressively, though he described Chinese President Xi Jinping as "a fantastic person."


First published: 11 May 2017, 13:53 IST