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Looking for a Mother's Day present? We found 5 perfects gifts to make your life easier

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:50 IST

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom or somebody you know who's raising a tiny human being from scratch? Fret not, we have Mother's Day sorted for you.

And take our word for it, all mommies are more likely to appreciate these five 'presents' than any Archie's gift hamper you might buy them.

1) Advice on how to raise a baby

Okay. Fine. You may have raised a baby and your baby might have grown up to be the messiah of mankind, but even that doesn't give you the right to smother a mother into allowing you to think you know what's best for the baby. It's her baby. Dealing with an over-enthusiastic tiny human 24*7 is exhausting enough, why add to the load? Keep your advice to yourself till she asks you. Are you listening, nosy neighbourhood aunty?

2) Judgment for not keeping up with 'the times'

Your mom didn't grow up around technology and gadgets. She grew up with real humans, and actual trees for company. Your mom doesn't need to keep up with you. If she is tech-savvy, good for her. If she wants to learn how to be, go teach. She taught you your ABCs and XYZs. Wiped your poop, cleaned up your pee. The least you can do is be non-judgmental as that's a necessity in your life, not hers.

3) Value that food, bro

YOU LIVE AT HOME? MOM COOKS FOR YOU? Well, one day you'll leave the nest and will have to survive on instant food that will be quick to make and slow to kill. Don't order mom about. She's not your personal waiter. Eat - whatever she gives you. Pray - that she doesn't throw your ungrateful a** on the streets. Love - that beautiful, gorgeous woman who loves you despite your tantrums.

4) Look again. She's not an ATM

How about you save your money and take her out? How about you cook her a meal instead of going out with friends for dinner at that trendy over-hyped restaurant? How about you don't reduce her to your bank/ATM/vending machine.

5) Breastfeeding wherever THEY are comfortable

So when you're hungry, do you take your plate of yummies, head to the nearest loo and hog as soon as humanely possible so that you don't cause any inconvenience to anyone? And are you shunned, ridiculed, shamed and asked to smother your face every time you attempt to have a meal in public? Then why force a newborn baby into temporary exile from 'polite' company every time he or she is hungry? It is the mother's prerogative where she'd like to feed the baby. Let new moms feed in peace.


Edited Abha Srivastava

First published: 6 May 2016, 7:22 IST