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Video: Woman Tennis star removed and adjusted her top while playing US Open match; what happened next will shock you

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 September 2018, 14:11 IST

Women empowerment and women equality or gender equality has always been the topic of discussion for everyone, no matters in which city or country. But, in reality, we always consider women inferior to men. Because our society can’t come out with their set mentality.

You all have seen many people commenting on women dressing style or especially for the short dresses they wore.

Recently, a woman Tennis player comes to limelight for removing and adjusting her top during the US Open match. Yes, a French Tennis player removed and readjusted her top as she wore it from front to back. She has been captured while doing this act. Her video also become viral on social media.

Check out the video:



However, she did it on the side of the court but she has found guilty by Umpire for breaking the rules.

Well, men player never treated like this as she treated. As we have seen many times men players removing their shirt during the matches. As you have seen the famous men Tennis star player Novak Djokovic sitting shirtless during the break then no code of violation has been followed for him.

However, men players never break a rule when they go topless on the tennis court as you can see player Novak Djokovic sitting topless during the break but he was not handed a code of violation.



Taking you back in the history when Serena Williams wore a catsuit during French Open, which was banned by the Officials and they gave the reason that one must respect the game and the place also. However, she wore that dress due to health reason and the question is raised here that how her dress could disrespect the game and the place?



According to the reports published in ABC, as per the 2018 WTA rule guide clearly stated that women player could change their dresses off-court and that too in the ‘private location’ as well.

However, as this matter highlighted, the US Open soon said an apology and said that they are upset for the code of violation given to Cornet. They also said that no fine has been imposed on her, the only warning has been given to her just to make sure that no such type of incident would happen in future.

However, she has accepted the apology but slammed the President of the French Tennis Federation for banning the dress of Serena Williams.

Meanwhile, the issue has brought the Internet by storm and netizens burst out with anger.

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What do you think about this act of the French star player? 


First published: 1 September 2018, 14:11 IST