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Tik Tok Ban: Vikas Gupta brutally slams Sacred Games star Cuckoo aka Kubra Sait for a shocking reason!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 18 April 2019, 13:24 IST

From the past few days there have been debates going on the recent decision of putting a ban on the Chinese app TikTok. The app has been banned and has been removed from the playstore. Like the two sides of the coin, there are also two views about the decission. On one hand while there are people who are happy about the act, the fans on the other hand are fuming with anger. And a celebrity fight too has occured beteen Vikas Gupta and Cuckoo aka Kubra Sait of Sacred Games and the former has brutally slammed her in the argument.

What happened was the actress took to Twiteer to express how happy she was after the decission of the ban. She wrote, “I can’t begin to express my joy to hearing about Tik Tok being banned in India. The state of derangement was exceedingly painful. I haven’t been happier about a ban.” Soon the Puncch Beat director came in the front and started slamming her for her post saying that the app has given a platform to hundreds of artists who have great calibre and the statement coming from an actor like her is disappointing.

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He further said that these these Tik Toks or musically apps have even brought the families together as through them everyone was able to see parents and kids acting together and even 80 years olds dancing. Not just this he even said that she could not even stop her Gully Boy co-actor Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt from making Tik Tok videos during the promotion of their film.


Vikas wrote, “State of derangement is extremely painful for the people who have to live in the environment of the mentally ill. With all due respect some of the people making these Tik Toks or musically are as talented an artist as you are if not more. Coming from an artist of your calibre it’s Very disappointing.”

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He wrote, “Content made on any platform can be good and bad. Be it Television, Films, Web series or theatre for that matter or Tik Tok. Some of the amazing work done by Individuals on Tik Tok can be at par with the so called good work on either of the platforms & about the state of derangement, in the search column of #Tiktok type Family and you might find some 2 billion videos including parents kids acting together to 80 years olds dancing to just plain funny videos. Yes there are bad content also but that’s on tv films and web as well."



Further he said, “To promote their film. You dinT Stop @RanveerOfficial or @aliaa08 from being part of Tiktok and use it. At a time when so many people will get effected professionally and personally because of the Ban.”

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First published: 18 April 2019, 13:04 IST