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Leaked Game of Thrones S06, episode 8 photo leads to insane predictions

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:49 IST

Warning: Spoilers are coming. Run if you must.


What do we say to to the God of Death? Not today.

If there is one thing that Game of Thrones season 6 has taught us, it is this: anything can happen as long as there is a Red priest around.

All men must die, it is known. But if they don't breathe their last on screen, they're probably still alive. Beric Dondarrion of the Brotherhood without Banners and Jon Snow, ex-Commander of the Knight's Watch are obvious exceptions to this rule.

But then again, while Beric was probably meant to acclimatise us to the fact that people could do a Mihir Virani from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi even on Game of Thrones, Jon Snow's resurrection was an obvious attempt to please the old eye-candy gods and the new.

New Rule: Presumed Dead Till Spotted Alive

Speaking about the dead coming back, let's talk about the insanity that's brewing in Braavos right now.

Episode 6 told us that Arya will rebel against the House of Black and White.

Episode 7 cut her rebellion short as we watched the Waif repeatedly stab Arya in the gut. But was that really Arya?

'That' scene has given birth to several Arya-Waif-Jaqen theories that pretty much proves that George RR Martin will have serious competition if some of those zealous Redditors decided to sit down and write a novel.

Remembering the cardinal rule of GoT, let's just assume that Arya isn't going to die. The theory that the Waif is a product of Arya's split personality has already been discussed. (Read about that here)

What's more fun right now is this compilation of some whacky but plausible fan theories:

Weird Waif

Leaked photo of episode 8 shows Waif and a dark shadow (HBO/Mic)

Do you remember how episode 6 ends? Arya retrieves Needle, returns to the House of Black and White, and goes to bed. Or does she?

We never really see what happens next in episode 7. As we watched in extreme exasperation, an unusually cocky Arya swaggered over to a Westrosi sailor, and books her passage back to her homeland, casually flinging over bags of money.

Then she gets stabbed. Uh oh.

Now, sit down, grab some popcorn or a pillow to stop you from screaming and hear us out:

a) If Arya was indeed sleeping in her room in the House of B&W, and it sure looked like she was, then why didn't Waif try to finish her off when Arya was well within her reach? Safe to assume that it is much easier to kill someone when that person is inside the same house as you. Right?

b) Where did Needle go? Arya took it out of its hiding place and laid it by her side before she went to sleep. The next day, not only did she get out of the House which she shares with assassins without being detected, but she left Needle behind in her room. In what world does that make sense?

Translation: Is that really a Needle-free Arya we spot roaming about in the Braavosi markets? Maybe not.

The idea that the Arya we see in Episode 7 is not our Arya isn't new, but here's my very own insane theory:

What if it is the Waif wearing Arya's face standing on that bridge? What if that old lady is really Arya, pouncing on the Waif to get her face back? That would explain the unfamiliar interaction, her gait and her clothes.

And talking about clothes, is it just me or do Arya and the Waif's wardrobe choices (in the leaked photo) seem rather similar?

That You, Jaqen H'ghar?


The other theory floating around is that 'Arya On The Bridge' is really Jaqen H'ghar because 'she' has no Needle on her, has mysterious bags of money and is wearing strange clothes.

This fan theory suggests that since Jaqen still owes Arya one life and needs to satiate the Waif's blood-lust, he decides to take one for his protegee.

Do you see how every new theory sounds just as plausible because this is Game of Thrones and literally anything can happen? What will we all do once this season ends? Work? Gah.

Is that Syrio? Fo-real?

There is a shadow of a man behind the Waif in the leaked photo and Redditors are convinced that it is none other than Syrio Forel - Arya's beloved dancing master.

This fan photo comparing the height, hair and other characteristics seem to point at the fact that it is indeed Syrio.

Come to think of it, we never really saw Syrio die at the hands of Meryn Trant. So perhaps, he never did die.

Some believe that Syrio is Jaqen H'ghar - a girl's savior and teacher. And if this is proved right, then GRR Martin deserves an award for the most mind-boggling plotline in the history of plotlines. Because seriously, what is even happening here?

So if Syrio Forel is back, does this mean that Arya will say 'not today' to death?

All of this is so deliciously complicated and confusing. Will Game of Thrones, Season 6, episode 8 feature another comeback? Fingers crossed.

The last theory on this list is that none of these theories are true. And that a girl is indeed bleeding out on the streets of Braavos, with her future looking dicey as the Waif goes into Kill Bill-mode.

Will these predictions come true? Maybe, maybe not.

Will the next episode be fantastic? Maybe, maybe not.

Will we stop obsessing over GoT? No way in seven hells.

Hang in there, everyone. Winter is coming and with it come several battles.


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First published: 10 June 2016, 6:17 IST