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Krushna Abhishek is miffed that Govinda chose The Kapil Sharma Show over Comedy Nights Live

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:49 IST

The Comedy Nights Live vs The Kapil Sharma Show controversy is seeing yet another twist. This time, however, it is not because they traded insults against each other. The trigger is none other than Bollywood's funnyman Govinda.

Govinda, who is Krushna Abhishek's uncle (mama), has chosen to visit Kapil Sharma's TV show with his wife Sunita rather than Krushna-Bharti's Colors TV show.

This has upset Krushna who has given out a statement saying that his own family member has hurt him.

Govinda on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show (IANS)

Talking to a leading daily, Krushna revealed that he has been trying to get Govinda on his show since the last few months but it couldn't happen. He said:

"Somehow our dates didn't seem to match. I messaged him again four days ago, but to my shock, I learnt that he and his wife were shooting with Kapil on Wednesday. I was aghast as I expected him to support his nephew."

He further explained:

"I cracked a joke saying 'Maine Govinda ko apna mama rakha hai' (I have kept Govinda as my uncle) on my show, which did not go down well with him. I tried to reason with him saying that it wasn't in bad taste. In fact, it only raises my status by calling him my mama. It wasn't derogatory at all. I have no qualms on being addressed as Govinda's nephew; it is like my second identity. A star is free to go on other shows, but being family, I expected him to come to my show first. He is behaving like a superstar now and not my Chi Chi mama."

Govinda and Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show (IANS)

While the comedian is hurt, Govinda has his own side to story. He said:

"Krushna has been making money by insulting others on television. I was extremely upset with the 'Mama rakha hai' remark and summoned him home.

"I told him that he should refrain from making such statements in the garb of gags as they could be humiliating. But Sunita told me to let him work and I relented as that's how he is making money. I am used to reading good, bad and ugly things about myself, but it's annoying to have a family member making a personal interaction public. That's unacceptable. I can't trust him anymore."

He added:

"I have seen the way Krushna roasts the Khans - Salman and Shah Rukh. He is very respectful. He respects the 'good' time of a person and not the artiste. Maybe, I will go on his show when my time is good. I can't change my nature overnight to suit the format of a show. I understand that's his professional hazard, but I can't be a part of it."

But, will Govinda ever feature on his nephew's show? He said:

"I may, but I will charge a hefty price for it; probably triple the money I charge normally. I want him to feel the pinch. I would also like to insult him and his team back on the show to give them a taste of their own medicine (laughs!)."

-- quotes from Bombay Times

First published: 24 June 2016, 6:24 IST