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Game of Thrones S06E06: The return of a 'dead' man, a dragon and several fan theories

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:50 IST

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched Game of Thrones Season 6, episode 6, then run away now. We repeat: Step back, turn around and run.


Game of Thrones Season 6 is about as emotionally draining as double Math classes used to be in school. The only thing worse than the hysterical anticipation of White Walkers or wildfire is an episode where nothing happens. At least not on the face of it.

GoT season 6, episode 6 may seem like a dud if you compare it to The Door (RIP Hodor), but it wouldn't do to ignore the many, many clues in the Blood of my Blood.

HBO, we see you slyly slipping in deets and we raise you several theories:

Benjen Stark = Coldhands?

1) What is dead, truly never dies, does it? Another Stark returns and this time it is Uncle Benjen. The long-lost First Ranger is back.

Riding a horse, dressed in black, with scars on his face, Benjen looks semi-alive. Which may as well be the case since the Children of the Forest bring him back from the dead.

Is Benjen 'Coldhands' - the 'knightly' character that fans of the book have been discussing forever? Did GRR Martin just let out a book secret and put us out of our misery? Martin says no. But then Martin is a mean man who hates happy people and weddings so you can do what you will with that theory.

Dany's daddy. The Mad King.

2) There IS a connection between Bran and the Mad King. As we watch he literally seems to lose his mind, demanding that everyone be burned to a crisp. So Bran - now officially the Three Eyed Raven - really, truly can alter the past through his actions? Whoa.

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Burn them all??

3) Can Bran also look into the future? Because there is a scene in his vision where wildfire can be seen exchanging hands and a split second later, what looks like Kings Landing, is set on fire. This cannot be the past because Aerys was murdered by Jaime Lannister before he could "burn them all".

So who is burning down the castle? Daenerys? Her dragons maybe? Or is this Cercei's doing to defend herself? Whatever it is, both winter and wildfire are coming. Fire and ice?

That you Jon Snow's mom?

4) Okay, you guys. Sit down for this. Did we just get a glimpse into The Tower of Joy? There's a fleeting scene where a woman lies with her clothes soaked in blood while voiceover asks, "Where's my sister?"

So, umm.. R+L = J, right? If this one comes true, everyone in the seven kingdoms should get free donuts.

The sparrow wins?

5) We predict terrible times ahead for the Lannisters now that Tommen has turned rogue. The Faith versus the Crown is not going to be a pretty fight though. Although something tells us to always be on the side of the Lannisters. #TheyPayTheirDebts

No one? We don't think so.

6) Arya is definitely, maybe running away from the House of Black and White. The Waif is definitely, maybe going to kill Arya.

Does this mean bye, bye Braavos? Is the youngest Stark lady going to return to Westeros? Will she join Jon and Sansa in the fight against Ramsay?

It would be pretty spectacular if she were to do the honours in sending Ramsay to hell though, wouldn't it? #YouGoQueenArya

Guess who's back?

7) Drogon is back and looks much more 'tamed' than we last saw him. Which is great because that means he isn't burning people alive. Dany's going to "take what is hers" and the episode ended after YET another monologue by the Khaleesi. Why, HBO? Enough talking, already.

There was no Tyrion or the newly united half-siblings - Sansa and Jon to give you happy feels. Which makes us think that a power-packed episode 7 is on its way. HBO is getting a bit predictable now. The next episode is reportedly titled, No One, which is how everyone is referred to in the House of Black and White.

About time Arya got a little more screen time, right? Hey waif, Valar Morghulis.


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First published: 31 May 2016, 10:51 IST