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Before Bigg Boss 12 begins, have a look at 11 love birds from the show that got intimate on camera and shocked everyone

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 15 September 2018, 13:06 IST

With just hours left for the beginning of the very popular and controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 12 on Colors TV, the fans are really excited to know each and every minute detail about the new season of the show which will again be hosted by the popular host of the small screen Salman Khan. The show is all set to premiere on your TV screens from September 16, 2018 and will definitely win our hearts.

The show began in the year 2006 and since then is successfully going on year after year, thanks to the concept, controversial contestants and last but not the least the couples that got made in the show's season every year. Season after season, the show becomes bolder with the stunts of the participants. There are some couples of the show who have even gone to the extreme of getting intimate on the show.

Before the beginning of the new season of the show, let us have a look at all the couples who were too bold for the audience and did not mind getting cozy on the cameras. Check them out:

1. Aryan Vaid- Anupama Chopra

Aryan and Anupama


In the year 2006, the TRPs of the show went shooting when a love story nlossomed in the house and it was that of the former models Aryan Vaid and Anupama Chopra. Not only this, the couple even shared some cozy moments that grabbed everyone's attention. They never shied away from their relationship and even after getting eliminated from the show, Aryan said, "It felt like another world. But I was very upset when I saw Anupama crying for me. I miss her and want to marry her. I did find true love in that place.”


2. Payal Rohatgi and Rahul Mahajan

Rahul and Payal


Rahul Mahajan, when he participated in the reality show got famous for his proposal that he made to Monica Bedi but more than that it was all the intimate scenes with Payal Rohatgi that grabbed the eyeballs as they were the ones who indulged in gving each other sensuous massages.

3. Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel

Veena and Ashmit


The season 4 of the show witnessed the lovy dovy couple Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel who did not shy away at all from getting intimate anywhere in the house in front of the cameras. They gave each other massages, snuggles and this is what became famous and moreover Veena even claimed, "I don’t give a f**k about cameras."

4. Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon

Gauhar and Kushal


In the season 7 of the show, Gauhar Khan found her love in Kushal Tandon and it seemed as if they were deeply in love with each other and during the course of the show they even hugged, kssed and shaed some intimate moments that also gave an air to their relationship.

5. Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan Kohli

Tanisha and Armaan


One of the most highlighted couples of the reality show is Tanisha and Armaan who are counted amongst one of the boldest couples ever on the screen as a lot of reports followed that also included their naked footage and Arman asking Tanisha for sexual favours.

6. Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel

Upen and Karishma


Karishma and Upen, after the beginnng of romance in their show were called UpMa by their fans and raise the TRP because of their flirting, lip-locking and cosying up moments in the show that made them one of the hot and favourite couples on the show.

7. Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati

Diandra and Gautam


No one can ever forget the romance that fluttered between Gautam and Diandra that steamingly increased the TRP's after they were caught kissing and going into the bathroom every time to spend some private time wuth each other away from the cameras. Not only this, it also came into news that it was because of the fact that Diandra became pregnant, she was taken out from the show.

Gautam, about the fact that Diandra kissed him, dui=ring an interview said, “I know there was an ‘Emraan Hashmi moment’ between us. It was a momentary impulse. It would be rude to reject a girl who kisses me. So I kissed her back. There was nothing more than that. I am going to marry the girl that my mother chooses for me. We are just friends; there can be nothing beyond that. I regret going into the bathroom with her. There was nothing between us and will never be. I have always drawn a line in every relationship and I would never overstep that.”

8. Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai

Kishwer and Suyyash


Kishwer and Suyyash were already a couple before they entered the show and their cute romance moments were something that the audience loved but apart from that tehre were also instances where they were caught making love inside the blanket.

9. Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira

Rochelle and Keith


Apart from Suyyash and Kishwer, there was another couple in the house and they were Rochelle and Keith whose romantic scenes too spread like wildfire. They were a lot of dances caught snuggling and kissing and not only this, the sizzling performance of the couple in the swimming pool left everyone's mouths open.

10. Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra

Puneesh and Bandgi


The last season of the show witnessed love birds in the form of Puneesh and Bandgi who were referred as Pungi by their fans. A lot of claims regarding Puneesh's marriage and Bandgi's relationship went around but the couple were strong in their relation. Their kissing and getting cosying up inside the sheets scenes were talked about in the 11th season of the show.

Now that the 12th season of the show is gearing up, we are excited to see who will be the next couple on the show. Stay tuned for more news related to the reality show.


First published: 15 September 2018, 13:06 IST