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This revolutionary technique can print Mona Lisa on a strand of hair!

News Agencies | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 1:35 IST

What if you could print this article on a hair? A nanotechnology breakthrough has revolutionised laser printing technology.

This tech from DTU allows you to print high-resolution data and colour images of unprecedented quality and microscopic dimensions.

Using this new technology, the researchers reproduced a colour image of Mona Lisa, which is less than one pixel on an iPhone Retina display. The laser technology allows printing in a mind-blowing resolution of 127,000 DPI. In comparison, weekly or monthly magazines are normally printed in a resolution equivalent to 300 DPI.

Anders Kristensen said that with this tech, it will be possible to save data invisible to the naked eye. This includes serial numbers or bar codes of products and other information. The technology can also be used to combat fraud and forgery, as the products will be labelled in way that makes them very difficult to reproduce. It will be easier to determine whether the product is an original or a copy.

The new laser printing technology can also be used on a larger scale to personify products such as mobile phones with unique decorations, names, etc. Foreign companies producing parts for cars, such as instrument panels and buttons, are already taking a keen interest in the technology as it can simplify the production. Today, the large number of different instrument panels must be adapted to the various accessories that the car has, including airconditioning, USB, cigarette lighters, etc.

The study appears in Nature Nanotechnology.


First published: 17 December 2015, 12:08 IST