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Guess what Uber is doing to avoid surge pricing?

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:50 IST

In a bid to avoid surge in pricing due to high demand, taxi aggregator Uber is trying to use a machine learning method to predict the surge in demand for its cab service.

Jeff Schneider, the engineering leader of Uber's Advanced Technology Center, while speaking at a recent data technology conference said the idea behind this initiative is to look for more cabs on the road before the surge in pricing.

"This idea is if you can predict that demand, you get that information out there and you get that supply there ready for the demand so the surge pricing never even has to happen," Schneider said.

"Uber wants to find those Tuesday nights when it's not even raining and for some reason there's demand," he added.

Meanwhile, Uber said the company is always looking for better ways to predict supply and demand in a city.

"We have no plans to end dynamic pricing. While we understand that no one likes to pay more for the same trip, it's the only way to ensure that passengers can always get a ride when they need one" Uber told Techcrunch.

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First published: 5 May 2016, 11:04 IST