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World Ozone Day 2020: From theme to significance, everything you need to know

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 September 2020, 15:07 IST
World Ozone Day 2020

World Ozone Day is commemorated on 16th September, each year. It is celebrated to spread awareness among on the subject of depletion of Ozone Layer and look for possible resolution to protect it.

On this day, people fromm all around the globe are expected to join the Montreal protocol to participate in the talks and seminar. A number of commonly used chemicals have found to be highly detrimental to the ozon layer.

Life on earth wouldn’t be viable without sunlight. However the energy emerging from the sun would be too much for life on Earth to bloom were it not for ozone layer. The This stratospheric layer shields Earth from most of the sun’s harmful radiation.

The Ozone layer or also referred to as the Ozone shield, a delicate layer of gas, in the Earth’s stratosphere absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause numerous skin disorders.


On 19th December 1994, the United Nations General Assembly declared 16th September the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Fixed the date, in 1987, on which the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed.

On 16th September, 1987, the United Nations and 45 other nations signed the Montreal Protocol, on substances that deplete the Ozone layer. Each year, this day is marked as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone layer.

The motive of the Montreal Protocol is to safeguard the Ozone layer by reducing the production of substances that are supposed to be responsible for depletion.


“Ozone for life” is the catchphrase for this years World Ozone Day. This year, we celebrate 35 years of global ozone layer protection.

The catchphrase of the day, “Ozone for life”, reminds us that ozone is imperative for our life on Earth and we must continue preserve the ozone layer for our future generations.

This year, we observe 35 years of the Vienna Convention and 35 years of global ozone layer protection.

Importance of Ozone layer:

The ultraviolet rays exuded by the sun have the potential to cause skin cancer and cataract. These harmful rays also cause significant damage not only to humans but also to plant and marine life. therefore, the ozone layer acts as a protective shield against all such harmful rays from the sun.

How to protect ozone layer:

* An important ways to safeguard the ozone layer is to avoid using harmful gases like CFCs chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halogenated hydrocarbon, methyl bromide and nitrous oxide in many activity.

* Another way is by cutting down the use of personal vehicles like cars that releases carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides and use public transport thereby saving financial resources and the environment.

* People should also keep away from using cosmetics, hair sprays, room fresheners as these products release Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

* Many greenhouse gases are made during the making of chemical fertilisers. Therefore, we should stay clear of the use of fertolisers in agriculture and instead go with organic ones.

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First published: 16 September 2020, 15:03 IST