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Stephen Hawking warns Artificial Intelligence can force humans to leave Earth

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 8 November 2017, 12:59 IST

Have you seen the sci-fi hit of Hollywood Terminator? If yes then good, if you have not watched that film yet then you need to watch it understand what is going to happen to Humanity next as per scientist Stephen Hawking.

According to the scientist, our planet earth on which humans are residing is getting too small for them. And soon the moment will come when they will destroy themselves and Artificial Intelligence, that is also commonly known as AI, will take its place.

The theoretical physicist in his statement stated that soon human's will passed the point after which it won't be possible for us to return and our time on our planet (earth) is numbered.

Professor Hawking said that the way development in AI is happening soon a day will come when machines will start to dominate humans.

As per reports in express.co.uk, “I fear that AI may replace humans altogether. If people design computer viruses, someone will design AI that improves and replicates itself. “This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans.”

The physicist further said that if 'human' wants to continue as a race then we need to leave the earth. The scientist also hinted that at this time our first priority should be a new space programme “with a view to eventually colonising suitable planets for human habitation”.

Professor further said that machines will allow us to leave our planet and colonise another planet or else there will be “serious consequences”. The physicist further added: “I believe we have reached the point of no return. Our earth is becoming too small for us, global population is increasing at an alarming rate and we are in danger of self-destructing.”

Just a year before, in 2016 at the opening ceremony of Cambridge University’s artificial intelligence center, he has confessed either AI will be the worst thing for Human race or it could be the worst.
“This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans. The potential benefits of creating intelligence are huge. We cannot predict what we might achieve, when our own minds are amplified by AI. Perhaps with the tools of this new technological revolution, we will be able to undo some of the damage done to the natural world by the last one – industrialisation.”

“And surely we will aim to finally eradicate disease and poverty. Every aspect of our lives will be transformed, In short, success in creating AI could be the biggest event in the history of our civilisation. But it could also be the last unless we learn how to avoid the risks. Alongside the benefits, AI will also bring dangers, like powerful autonomous weapons, or new ways for the few to oppress the many.”

First published: 8 November 2017, 12:59 IST