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Partial lunar eclipse on Wednesday: Here's all you need to know

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 15 July 2019, 10:40 IST

If you rise ahead of dawn on Wednesday morning you would observe a portion of the moon’s right hand side bitten out.

Starting at around 6.01 AM, this partial eclipse will be seen if you have a good view of the horizon and if the weather permits.

Partial lunar eclipse will be visible in India on July 16th and 17th. This will also be the last lunar eclipse of 2019.

The eclipse can be witnessed from areas across Australia, New Zealand, Asia except northestern parts, Africa, Europe and most of South America.

The start of the eclipse at the time of moonset can be witnessed from parts of New Zealand, eastern Australia, South Korea, North Korea, northeastern china and some part of Russia.

The ending phase of the eclipse can be witnessed form Argentina, Chile, western Brazil, Peru and North Atlantic Ocean.

The lunar eclipse happens when the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow which is called the umbra crosses the face of the Moon. During total lunar eclipse the Sun, Earth and Moon are perfectly aligned so the Earth’s shadow falls directly across the Moon. But in time of partial lunar eclipse the alignment goes slightly out, so not all of the Moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow.

Partial Lunar Eclipse In India:

The Partial lunar eclipse will be seen from all parts of India except extreme northeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Moon will enter the shadow on July 17th at around 12.12 am. Then the moon will enter umbra at around 1.31 am and the utmost eclipse will be witnessed at around 3 am.

The partial lunar eclipse will end around 4.30 am and the Moon will leave penumbra at around 5.49 am.

First published: 15 July 2019, 10:31 IST