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Dileep arrest: Attacked actress finally reacts

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 July 2017, 14:29 IST
Pic : Dileep in The Don

The Malayalam actress, who was reportedly abducted and assaulted by a gang of men earlier this year,  has finally reacted to the Malayalam actor Dileep's arrest and released an official statement through her brother's Facebook page.

The actress stated that the incidents that happened in the past few days were shocking and also stated that she has never accused the arrested actor for the crime. She also revealed that she is still not in any mental state to address the media.

This what she quoted through her brother's Facebook page;

Dear friends,

"I am not in a mental state to sit and narrate my thoughts in a channel or in a press meet, that’s why I’m releasing this statement now like this again. I had to go through an unforgettable and unfortunate ordeal last February 17th. I filed a complaint with the state police of Kerala with utmost honesty and the investigation is going on of the same.

The recent arrests and developments of the investigation are shocking for me just like you all. I have never tried to make someone a suspect under any circumstances or of any personal vendetta which I have none to anyone and I have never shout a name either which I have made it clear before. It is true that I have acted with this hero in several movies in the past and in a later stage we had some personal issues and we had to let go of our friendship.
When I checked the facts regarding his arrest, through the media and other friendly sources it has came to our knowledge that the police has acquired enough evidences to prove him guilty.

The actor claims that he has been wrongly accused and arrested. If that’s true, then I wish that the facts of his innocence should come out or if it’s otherwise the facts on his wrong doings should come out as well as soon as possible. Everybody is equal in the eyes of law and neither an innocent should be punished nor any criminal should escape.

It’s been widely said that I have partnered with the said actor in real estate and other investments which is false. We have no such partnerships. I believed such news’s will fade soon as it has no truth behind it, but such news on partnerships again linger in the media and now I wish to make a clarity.

If it’s needed I am ready to submit all necessary documents and such to any investigating officers. I also wish to use this opportunity to state that the video’s and statements which are been widely used in social platforms like facebook/ twitter and similar, except through my brothers are not legit and not in my knowledge. I request my dear ones to stay away from such practices as it’s creating confusion among the public and the media.

I sincerely wish that neither an innocent should be punished nor any criminal should escape and everybody is under the law of the state.

Let me conclude with lots of prayers and thanks again for your unlimited love and support". the Malayalam actress said.

First published: 14 July 2017, 14:29 IST