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Pro Kabaddi League: All the rules and regulations you need to know about PKL

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 24 July 2019, 12:10 IST

Kabaddi has re-established itself over the last six seasons of KPL and with each season passing by, the passion for the game has increased tremendously. So with season seven already unfolded lets take a look at the rules that makes th sport very unique.

Here’s a quick look at the Pro Kabaddi rules:


Each team must have a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 12 in its pre match playing squad. Seven players shall take the ground at a time and the remaining 2 to 5 players shall be substitutes. For each team it is mandatory to have one overseas player in their match day squad.

Match Duration:

The time span of the match shall be a minimum of 40 minutes split equally into two halves of 20 minutes each with 5 minutes break between halves, the teams will change sides after the interval. The number of players to start the second remains the same as it was at the end of the first half. The last raid of each half of the match shall be allowed to be completed even after completion of the scheduled time as mentioned above.

Scoring Method:

Each side shall score one point for every opponent out or put out. The side, which scores an ALL OUT, shall score two extra points. The out and revival rule will be applied. Each side shall score a point for every bonus point awarded. If the raider is caught when there are only three defenders or less, the defendig team gets an addition bonus point. The total points given in such situation are two.

Time Outs:

Each side shall be allowed to take one time out of 90 seconds each per game. Such time out shall be called for by the skipper, coach or any playing member of the team with the permission of the referee. During the time out, the Match clock will be stopped an will restart on the commencement of the next raid.

Official time out can be called by the umpire in the incident of any injury to a player, interruption by outsiders, re-lining of the ground, or any such circumstance. The matchclock will be paused and will restart on the commencement of the next raid.


Each team is allowed five substitutions per game with the permission of the umpire. Substituted players can be re-substituted by utilizing one of the remaining substitute chances out of the total 5 substitutions allowed in a match. If any player is suspended or disqualified no substitutions is allowed for that perticular player.

The match clock will be officially paused for this duration, which should not exceed 10 seconds. The substitution must take place after a raider returns to his court, or during other stoppage in play. All substitutions are to be recored by the official scorers and must be reported to the commentators.

In case a team has used all its 5 subs, and in immediate rade after the final substitution, one of its players suffers an injury, in such situation umpire may choose to allow a substitute. However the injured player will not be allowed to return to the match.

Bonus Points:

A point shall be awarded to the raider when he crosses the bonus line. If the raider after crossing the bonus line is caught, the opposition will also be awarded with a point. The bonus line will be applicable when there are minimum of six defenders on the court, the umpire shall award the bonus point after completion of such raid. If the raider while crossing the bonus line is caught then a point will be awarded to the defending team and no bonus points will be given.

If the raider afetr crossing the bonus line puts out one or more defenders, he will get the number of points scored in addition to the bonus point for crossing the bonus line.

The raider has to cross the bonus line to score the bonus points before touching the defenders or before he is caught by the defender. The raider will not given a bonus point if he crosses the bonus line after a touch or struggle. There shall be no revival of player for a bonus point. If a player is suspended temporarily or disqualified from the match, then the team will play with less number of players. Such players will be counted to award bonus point.

Golden Raid:

The umpire will conduct a fresh toss. The team that wins the toss shall have the chance to raid that is Golden Raid both the teams should field seven players in the half the baulk line shall be treated as baulk line cum bonus line and all the bonus point rules shall be followed.

If the raider succeeds in crossing the baulk line cum bonus line he will get one point. After crossing the Baulk line cum Bonus line, if the raider puts out one or more defenders, he will get the number of points scored in addition to the one point scored by crossing the baulk line cum bonus line. No Bonus will be given if raider crosses the Bonus cum Baulk line aftertouch or struggle.

If there is a draw after the first Golden Raid, then the opponent team will get a chance for the Golden Raid. The team which scores the leading point in the Golden Raid shall be declared the winner of the game. If the game is still tied after both teams have been given a chance of Golden Raid, the winner will then be decided by a flip of coin.

First published: 24 July 2019, 12:07 IST