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Uri fallout: Shiv Sena slams PM Modi in Saamna editorial

Ashwin Aghor | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:46 IST

The attack on military head quarters at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir has once again brought the central government and especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi under severe attack from all quarters.

The Opposition took this chance to reminded Modi, once again, of thee tall claims made during his 2014 election campaign. While all the Opposition parties are slamming the central government, the oldest ally of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Shiv Sena too has jumped onto the criticism bandwagon.

In an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamna, on Monday, Shiv Sena has come down heavily on the central government and PM Modi.

"While the world leaders praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efficiency on his birthday, Pakistan sponsored terrorists also gave him a birthday gift in the form of the most deadly attack in two and half decade at Uri. This attack, which claimed 17 lives, bigger than the one at Pathankot, has literally exposed the level of safety and security of the nation," the editorial read.

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Tarnished image

According to the editorial, the attack is an attempt to tarnish Modi's image on an international level.

The central government has completely failed in controlling the unrest and violence in Jammu and Kashmir going on over the last four months. There is no sign of the presence of a state government in Jammu and Kashmir. And no one is paying heed to the 'warnings' from central government.

The situation is so pathetic that even a child has the courage to attack army men in Jammu and Kashmir, shout slogans supporting Pakistan.

"This is high time that Jammu and Kashmir government is dissolved and Marshal Law is implemented there because President's Rule will not be any different," the editorial says.

Even Dr Subramanian Swamy has opined that the BJP-PDP government experiment in Jammu and Kashmir has completely failed. The bitter truth is that the situation in the state is even worse than it was during Congress rule and we must accept it, the editorial adds.

Uri chapter

India lost 17 soldiers. Pakistan sponsored terrorist outfits lost only four terrorists. This brings up a major question, who's victory is it? The editorial asks.

It is for the billions of Indians to decide if they want to mourn the loss of 17 soldiers or celebrate the killing of four terrorists.

Pathankot attack exposed the security lapses and Uri attack has only highlighted them. "The situation in Jammu and Kashmir has deteriorated even further. And the government of India is only issuing warnings to Pakistan. No one has the courage to speak openly," says the editorial.

"People like Hafiz Saeed not only threaten to teach India a lesson but also execute the threat without any problem. They attacked our army establishments from Pathankot to Uri and we are searching proof of Pakistan's involvement in the attacks. Stop searching for these proofs, they are useless on international forums. India will not benefit from the global appreciation unless the Modi government shows the courage like the USA did while killing Osama Bin Laden and finish India's enemies hiding in Pakistan," the editorial adds.

Friends and enemies

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama might be friends with Modi. But this friendship has been no deterrence for Pakistan to stop hidden war against India. On the contrary, they keep on attacking India.

"No international leader will ever take a strong stand on the Jammu and Kashmir issue. We will have to show courage to protect our country. Why can't our entire army do what just four terrorists could do in Uri? Only lip service on Balochistan will not be a solution to Kashmir issue," the editorial says.

Pakistan-sponsored terrorists have attacked us many times and they still continue to do so. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh cancelled his US tour due to the attack.

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"We must keep one thing in mind, neither Russia nor USA will ever help in solving the Jammu and Kashmir issue. The government must realise one thing, strengthening of armed forces is much more important than the hollow praises by Obama and Putin. Terror attacks are continuing undeterred despite Prime Minister Modi issuing a stern warning. What happened to the tall promises before the election? India dreams to be a super power. But for a would be a super power, it is highly shameful that just four militants managed to attack the army headquarter and kill 17 soldiers," the editorial says.

Edited by Jhinuk Sen

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First published: 19 September 2016, 4:55 IST
Ashwin Aghor @CatchNews

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