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Yashwant Sinha to BJP MPs 'speak up': Pens a strong letter on state economy and women safety slamming BJP-led NDA government

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 18 April 2018, 14:03 IST

In a hard-hitting letter over the rising of sexual violence against women and state of Indian economics former finance minister and BJP veteran Yashwant Sinha expressed his anger and disappointment with the NDA government and its fellow members.

In an open letter to BJP MPs, BJP leader Yashwant Sinha pointed out the failures of the Modi government and told BJP members, “If you remain silent now you will do a great disservice to the country”. The letter was first published in the Indian Express, by Mr Sinha called upon party members to stand up against the government and its failures.

Here's the five key from the open letter to BJP MPs:

-“A fast-growing economy does not accumulate the kind of non-performing assets in its banks, as we have done over the last four years. In a fast-growing economy, the farmers are not in distress, the youth are not without jobs, small businesses do not stand destroyed and savings and investments do not fall as drastically as they have done over the last four years. What is worse, corruption has raised its ugly head again and banking scams are tumbling out of the closet one after another. The scamsters also manage to run away from the country somehow, as the government watches helplessly.”

-“Women are more unsafe today than ever before. Rapes have become the order of the day and instead of acting strictly against the rapists, we have become their apologists. In many cases, our own people are involved in these heinous crimes. The minorities are alienated. The worst is that the Scheduled Castes and Tribes, the weaker sections of our society, have been exposed to atrocities and inequities as never before and the guarantees given to those in the Constitution stand threatened.”

-“Parliament has been reduced to the level of a joke. The prime minister did not even once sit down with senior leaders of the Opposition parties in Parliament when the just-concluded Budget Session was being disrupted in order to find a way out. Then he fasted to shift the blame to others. The first part of the most important Budget Session was the shortest ever.”

-“The situation demands that you speak up in the national interest. I am glad to note that at least five Scheduled Caste MPs of the party have expressed their disenchantment with the government for not delivering on the promises made to the community.”

-“I do not know how many of you will get the ticket for the next Lok Sabha elections but if previous experience is any guide, half of you at least will not. The chances of your winning the election, even if you get the ticket, are fairly remote. In the last Lok Sabha election, the BJP had secured only 31 per cent votes; 69 per cent was polled against it. So, if the opposition unites, you will be nowhere.”

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First published: 18 April 2018, 14:03 IST