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Uttar Pradesh: Meat sellers urge government to come up with provision to help legal shop owners

News Agencies | Updated on: 28 March 2017, 11:18 IST

With the indefinite strike called by meat vendors affecting several establishments in the state, the meat seller on 28 March, 2017 urged the Uttar Pradesh Government to come up with provision so that legal shop owners can work without any problem.

"The time this matter was started, our business is suffering from loss. Nobody is selling meat in the market. We just want to request the government to come up with such provision so that we can work," a meat shop owner told ANI.

He further said that they are facing heavy loss due to the strike and is not even able to pay their workers.

"The government didn't even issue any notice before banning the slaughter houses. We are not getting meat from anywhere. What are we going to sell now? The government has asked us to renew the license. When we go to do so, the official says that they don't have permission to renew the license," said another Meat shop owner Mohammad Riyaz.

As per the shop owners, the government is not renewing their license and when they open their shops the police ask them to close it.

"If the government wants to close anything, they should have first closed liquor, tobacco shop. They should first restrict these things. Whatever is illegal should be banned but what is the use of banning the legal slaughterhouse," said a meat buyer.

The meat shop owners are facing huge loss.

A number of shops are closed as they are not able to get meat due to its scarcity.

After coming to power, the Adityanath-led government has ordered the closure of illegal slaughterhouses and strict enforcement of the ban on cow smuggling to fulfil a key electoral promise.

Adityanath earlier on 25 March, 2017 said abattoirs operating legally will not be touched but action will be taken against those being run illegally.

Meat sellers across Uttar Pradesh are on an indefinite strike from 27 March, 2017 against the crackdown on illegal and mechanised slaughterhouses.

Fish vendors were also claimed to have resolved to join the stir which has seen non-vegetarian delicacies go off the menu in several parts of the state.


First published: 28 March 2017, 10:38 IST