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Sonia to step down for Rahul in August?

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 July 2016, 7:25 IST

Senior Congress leaders say that vice president Rahul Gandhi will take over as president of the party from his mother Sonia Gandhi either this August or November.

Rahul will be made president at a special session of the All India Congress Committee, where Sonia Gandhi will step down in favour of her son. She will, however, remain chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party, according to The Economic Times.

Once appointed, Rahul is likely to appoint new general secretaries and other office bearers from among experienced Congress leaders as well as new appointees.

The special AICC session is slated for either August or November, given that Rajiv Gandhi's birthday is on 20 August, Jawarharlal Nehru's is on 14 November and Indira Gandhi's birthday is 17 November.

Rahul was appointed party vice president in 2013.

First published: 16 July 2016, 7:25 IST