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Shocking! Two Delhi teens steal phone to order food for free and robbed a car for a joyride; here's what happened next

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 31 October 2018, 16:44 IST

Two teenagers in Delhi allegedly snatched a cellphone as they wanted to order food online for free in Dwarka. The duo later robbed off a cab driver's car for a joyride. The accused identified as 19-year-old Sahil and his juvenile friend are residents of a village in Dwarka.

The Delhi police on Tuesday arrested the duo, Anto Alphonse, deputy commissioner of police (Dwarka), said a bandage on the arm of the juvenile accused gave away their identities.

The police said that the two would often drink together. “When they were done with their drinks in the early hours of Sunday, they longed for good food. But they had no money. They decided to rob a mobile phone to order food so that they could escape without paying,” said the DCP.

The two allegedly snatched a mobile phone from a motorcycle rider in Dwarka Sector 23B and ordered food, said police. “They fled after taking delivery of the food. Once they were done eating, they wanted to go on a joyride. The boy expressed his sadness that they did not have a car. So, Sahil offered to rob any car of the boy’s choice. All that the boy had to do was to point at a car on the road,” said the DCP.

Later, the duo settled for a WagonR car that was actually an off-duty cab. “They stopped the car driver on the pretext of asking directions and used the opportunity to snatch the vehicle keys. They then stuffed the driver in the back seat and Sahil took to the wheel. They had also robbed the driver’s mobile phone,” said the officer.

As per reports, the driver was dumped near an isolated spot sometime later even as the duo drove around on west Delhi roads until they were tired. “When they were done, they abandoned the car near a temple outside their village and went home to sleep. They thought they could get away as they did not have a criminal record,” said the DCP.

The duo victims had noticed that the juvenile’s right forearm was bandaged, that led to the arrest of the accused robbers. The two stolen mobile phones were recovered from him. The car too was found outside their village, said police.

First published: 31 October 2018, 16:44 IST