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Ryan International murder case: Here is all you need to know about the killing of 7-year-old Pradyuman

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 8 November 2017, 12:44 IST

In a shocking incident that happened on September 8th 2017, a 7-year-old student of Ryan International School, Gurugram was found dead in the school's toilet. Pradhuman Thakur was a student of second standard in Ryan International School at Sohna Road in Bhondsi.

Here is all what we know so far about the killing of the child.

1. The dead body of a seven-year-old boy was found in the washroom of the school around around 9.15 am. His throat has been slit and there were injury marks on the body also.

2. As soon as the body was found, he was immediately rushed to Artemis Hospital but the doctors pronounced him dead.

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3. The toilet, in which the body was found, was used by the peons and drivers as well.

4. His parents were asked to rush to the hospital around 8.45 am and were informed about the emergency situation.

5. The CCTV camera installed near the same washroom was not in a functional condition.

6. The forensic team and the police in large number is present at the school premises for investigating the matter.

7. The parents of the kid are protesting outside the school.

8. The prima facie investigation reveals that it is an act of murder.

9. A friend of the boy said that Pardhuman has two sharp cut marks on his neck and a knife has also been found near his body.

10. The principal of the school is not present in the school at the moment.

11. FIR registered against unknown persons in murder of 7-year-old in Ryan International school. The police have held a bus conductor and a few more people for questioning.

12. The reports claim that the child was alive when the teachers found him but according to the doctors he was dead when he was bought to the hospital.

13. The father of a Std. II student told ANI, ""It was a normal day. I left my child in the school and then went back to home. After I reached home, I got a call from the school saying that he is in hospital and he is bleeding and that he was found lying down on the floor of the washroom. After this, I rushed to the hospital and by the time I reached, my child was no more. It is a clear case of murder, don't know what happened but I am sure its murder."

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14. Parents in large numbers have barged into the school premises and have flunged the school furniture around and shattered the glass award cases.

15. His sister studies in Class 5 in the same school.

16. According to sources, the conductor of the bus allegedly confessed to trying to sexually assault the boy on Thursday as well. Not only him, five others have also been detained by the police officials including he bus driver and the gardener who first saw the child.

17. A murder case under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code at Bhondsi police station has been filed and investigation is in process.

18. The classmates of the kid revealed that he used to go to the toilet every day after reaching the school and the accused was aware about the child's habit.

19. Senior Congress leaders have expressed shocked over the matter and demanded immediate action on the same.

20. The parents of the kid are protested outside the office of the police commisioner and the school.

21. The bus conductor, Ashok Kumar has been arrested by the police.

22. The parents of the seven-year-old child are questioning the school administration and accusing the school of negligence.

23. According to the police, the acting principal Neerja Batra has been suspended and All India Parents Association has demanded a fine of 100 crore rupees.

24. Simardeep Singh, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Haryana on Saturday said that a special committee is formed to probe the alleged murder of seven-year-old boy of Gurugram-based Ryan International School .

25. Accused involved in the murder of a seven-year old student of Ryan International School to three days of police remand.

Now another development has come into light just after two months of the murder that claimed that a student of class 11th had killed him just to postpone exam, as claimed by the CBI. As per reports by the news agency ANI, the CBI official was quoted as saying, “Initial investigation revealed the child in the conflict of the law wanted to have the examination and parent-teacher meeting in school postponed.”

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CBI further added that “No sexual assault theory came out during our investigation.” The father of the 11th class kid, has however claimed that his son had not killed Pradyuman. His father was quoted as saying, "My son is innocent, he has not admitted the crime, he is being framed, he was the first one to informed the gardener and teacher about the murder," said the father.

First published: 8 November 2017, 12:32 IST