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Rahul Gandhi: Leaving few businessmen, everyone is agitating in Gujarat

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 November 2017, 16:24 IST

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on 13 November cornered Prime Minister Narendra Modi over development in Gujarat, claiming that the whole of Gujarat was agitating for one reason or another, except five to ten businessmen, thus hinting that the developmental work was only concentrated towards one lot.

Addressing a rally in the Varana village of Gujarat's Patan district, Rahul said that it was the first time he saw a state where all communities were agitating for one or the other reason, and questioned, "Then who became happy in the last 22 years in Gujarat?"

He later added, "This is the truth of Gujarat - seize the land of farmers and tribals, seize water from public and give it to five-ten businessmen, who are the only group not agitating in Gujarat."

Rahul continued reiterating his many attacks on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government and their alleged favour to the business class.

"The UPA Government had put Rs 35,000 in MNREGA, which gave employment, families prospered, and the nation progressed. Now, Modi ji gave Rs 33,000 crore to only one factory - Tata Nano. The amount we used for progress of the nation is the same amount Modi ji gave to a company in Gujarat," Gandhi said, and reiterated his previous assertion that he never saw one Nano car in all of his visits to the state.

Gandhi further spoke out for the farmers' cause stating that the government waivered Rs 1,13,000 crore for ten businessmen in the last one year, but "could not waiver even a paisa of loan for the farmers."

In the run up to the Gujarat assembly elections, the Gandhi scion has been agressively targetting the BJP. 


First published: 13 November 2017, 16:24 IST