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Punjab police busts plot of foreign-based radical extremists

News Agencies | Updated on: 30 November 2017, 8:46 IST

Thwarting vicious plot of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, the Indian security forces recently arrested some dreaded pro-Khalistan extremists from Punjab.

It includes a British national, identified as Jagtar Singh Johal alias Jaggi, who was arrested on November 4. Apart from target killings, these extremists are using the cyberspace to incite youth in Punjab. Jaggi was in touch with Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) members including its chief Harminder Singh.

His name has emerged multiple times during interrogation of members of recently busted modules hired by Sikh extremist groups in Punjab. The interrogations have also revealed that there are links of foreign-based radical extremist entities that are trying to revive Sikh militancy in India. Suresh Arora, Director General of Police, Punjab said, "One is (that the) ISI link is well established. Two, the nexus between the gangsters in providing the weapons is well established. Three, exploitation of our innocent youth by radicalising them. To misguide those sitting outside and those who are here, that is also well established".

Jagtar Singh has also been associated with Gursharanbir Singh of the UK and Harmeet, based in Pakistan for promoting terror activities. He and Gursharanbir Singh have discussed ways to revive militancy in Punjab. Another Khalistan Liberation Front member, Taljeet Singh, who was in touch with Jaggi while living in Glasgow,Scotland is now in jail for funding and sourcing of weapons.

There is no doubt that Jaggi is a radicalised youth and those who are taking up his cause on social media are supporting a terrorist. Due process of law is being followed. Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab sais, "Well, ISI is always looking after any opportunity whether it is Khalistani or anything and to disturb the peace in India is ISI's objective, so whether they were Khalistanis or not, only time will tell, but certainly the background is ISI".

Shashi Kant, former DGP (Prisons), Punjab said, "The consistent efforts of Pakistan are, have been and will continue to make an attempt to ensure that somehow there is any trouble and instability in Punjab and other parts of the country". In UK, pro-Khalistan activists are running propaganda on social media that Jaggi was tortured by the police.

This malicious campaign is being spread to catch the attention of British and Canadian Parliamentarians and to put pressure on India to release him. Officers of the Punjab police who are involved with this case, and their family members have received death threats. As videos of his court appearances show, he looks healthy and has no torture marks. His medical reports also show that there has been no torture.

Punjab police has also been in touch with the British High Commission and have been updating them on the case. On November 15, two consular officers from the British High Commission, viz. Margaret Patridge and Amit Kotecha, met him. They were satisfied that all legal rights were being provided to Jaggi.

The British government is on the same page as India that Jaggi is involved with terror activities and that the law should take its course.


First published: 30 November 2017, 8:46 IST