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Parliament ruckus: Sachin Tendulkar delivers his 'unheard speech' on social media

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 December 2017, 16:31 IST
Sachin Tendulkar

Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar who was not allowed to speak in Parliament has once again proved that he does not need any platform to speak on any issue in nation.

On Thursday, when master blaster Tendulkar got up to speak for the first time in the Rajya Sabha, he could not speak between the noise of the opposition. To make sports constitutional rights of children in the country, Sachin Tendulkar had to speak but he could not keep his mind on the Right to Play issue.

Now for the countrymen, Sachin had to take on soclai media to make his point. Sachin has uploaded his Rajya Sabha Speech on Facebook. In his speech more than 15 minutes, Sachin has said that the importance of sports in the country has given constitutional rights to sports.

Sachin uploaded a video on social media on Friday after he wasn't allowed to speak in the Parliament on Thursday and his post read: "It is my endeavour to transform India from being a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation. I urge you all to participate in this effort and help make my dream, our dream. Always remember, dreams do come true! Jai Hind"

"There were few thing that I wanted to speak about yesterday (in the parliament) and I will try to do the same now. I often wondered what brought me here. Little did I know that those baby steps in cricket will lead me to lifetime of memories. I always loved playing sports and cricket was my life," said Sachin in the video.

"My father Ramesh Tendulkar was a poet and a writer. He always supported me and encouraged me to become what I wanted to be in life. The greatest gift that I got from him was the freedom to play... the right to play and I will forever be grateful to him for that," he added.

Here is the video:

First published: 22 December 2017, 16:18 IST