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Malini Parthasarathy, editor of The Hindu, quits in 11 months

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 4:01 IST

The Editor of The Hindu, Malini Parthasarathy, has submitted her resignation after an 11-month term at the daily. Suresh Nambath will take over as the interim editor.

The chairman of the Hindu Board of Directors, N Ram, confirmed the resignation to The News Minute.

"Malini Parthasarathy has tendered her resignation as the Editor of The Hindu with immediate effect. After due process, the resignation has been accepted by the Board. Until we find a suitable replacement, the National Editor of The Hindu, Suresh Nambath, will be taking care of the day-to-day affairs of the paper. An internal communication has been sent to all the employees," he said.

The Hindu's Mumbai edition was floated under her watch. Here are a few of her tweets responding to queries on her resignation.

The Hindu was launched in 1878. Kasturi and Sons Ltd (KSL) has held the reigns of the newspaper since 1895. In the last three years, the paper has parted ways with some of its editors - with most of them leaving on an unpleasant note.


1) Siddharth Vardarajan, the first editor of the newspaper to be appointed outside of the Kasturi family, quit in October 2013 - after an almost decade-long career at the Hindu.

"The KSL board which had two years ago decided to keep the family out of editorial control and run the paper more professionally has changed its mind. In this new set-up, it is best that I leave," the Editor-in-Chief had then said.

2) Executive Editor MK Venu quit his post in May 2013 after a five-month long stint. After announcing his resignation, he tweeted:

"Talk of big pay packet for me in The Hindu untrue. I took pay cut to experience N Ram's promise of professionalised editorial management!"


3) Rural Affairs Editor P Sainath quit in July 2014.

4) When Praveen Swami, the newspaper's Strategic Affairs Editor & Resident Editor, resigned in 2014, he had some strong words to spare for N Ravi.

"The last few months have not been pleasant, for reasons all of you are aware of, and I decided it was best to use my energies doing journalism, not fighting battles that serve no purpose for anyone. I owe an apology to the fine young reporters as well as eminent senior colleagues who I could not protect from the shabby treatment. Though none of the decisions were mine, they happened on my watch, and for that I owe you an apology," Best Media Info quoted Swami as saying.

"It began to feel a little bit like working for Pol Pot, and I didn't want to hang around until I was executed or sent off for re-education," he had said.


5) In January 2015, The Hindu's Opinion and Special Stories Editor, Rahul Pandita left the paper, citing differences with Parthasarthy.

Caravan's political editor Hartosh Singh Badal shared Pandita's resignation letter:

Here's the full text of his letter.

Vardarajan letter

The statements from the former Hindu editors may hold the key to uncovering the reason behind Parthasarthy's resignation - which are still unclear.

First published: 5 January 2016, 6:44 IST