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Jharkhand increasing digital outreach through JharGov.tv

News Agencies | Updated on: 29 July 2017, 10:59 IST

To promote transparency in governance across the state of Jharkhand, the Government of Jharkhand has for the first time used web television to increase its digital outreach to the general public.

Going by the name of www.JharGov.tv, the main objective of India's first official state web television is to provide information to the people of the state about all government schemes.

The Jharkhand Government is collaborating with Shruti Visual Information Pvt. Ltd. and its Director Arun Prakash on this landmark initiative.

Speaking about the project, Mr. Prakash said, "www.JharGov.tv is the third eye of the Jharkhand government. Web television is emerging as a symbol of the transparency of the Jharkhand government. I had already informed operators about the content and format of all the events to ensure greater public participation without technical hassles."

"Through the www.JharGov.tv the faith of the people has increased in the government and its style of working. The people's confidence and trust in the Government of Jharkhand is growing," Mr. Prakash added.

Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said, "Today's digital age has empowered us with instant flow of information and www.JharGov.tv was launched to promote Prime Minister Modi's vision of Digital India with a transparent government."

He said that through portals like www.JharGov.tv, the people of the state have become aware of the pace of development that has taken place in the last three years in various sectors, including education, health, water distribution and control of the fiscal deficit.

For a state created 17 years ago, the growth rate today is in the region of 8.6 percent as compared to a little over four percent in the year 2000.

The idea of web television was initiated by the state government's information technology branch or JAPIT in association with the chief minister's office with an aim of providing first hand information to the citizens of Jharkhand.

It has been described as the government's "Digital Eye".

The live programming of this first of its kind initiative by a state government can be watched on Desktop/Laptop/Mobile/Tablets/Smart TV's, Mobile app, etc.

www.JharGov.tv is also distributing live events via some popular social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, thus expanding its reach to the common man.

Till now, over 120 live events had been streamed live through www.JharGov.tv. This included Momentum Jharkhand 2017, which was attended and watched online by thousands of viewers not only from India but also across the globe.

Important meetings, press conferences and ceremonies are live streamed from Project Bhawan and other different parts of the state.

It would be worth mentioning that JharGov.tv will also play an important role in attracting tourists to the state. The portal has been live streaming many cultural events since January 2017.Some of the events include the Baijnath Mahotsav, Bhairavnath Mahotsav and the Shravani Mela, each of which highlighted the rich cultural heritage of Jharkhand before the people of the state and across the country.

Projects such as JharGov.tv will go a long way in attracting tourists to Jharkhand.

Till now thousands of people have accessed the JharGov.tv Android APP and watched the live events on different devices via www.jhargov.tv website.

The way people have responded to this initiative has been very encouraging and keep us motivated to deliver more.


First published: 29 July 2017, 10:59 IST