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Jharkhand education minister pays homage to former president APJ Abdul Kalam

Raza Naqvi | Updated on: 22 July 2015, 16:38 IST

In a bizarre incident, Jharkhand Education Minister Neera Yadav paid homage to former president APJ Abdul Kalam.

The Incident

. At an event in Kodarma, Jharkhand APJ Abdul Kalam's photo was garlanded which is considered inauspicious as it is used to pay respect to a person after his death according to the Hindu tradition.

. The incident has raised questions over the lack of knowledge of a state Education minister as she paid homage to a living person.

. Not just Neera, even Bharitya Janta Party (BJP) MLA Manish Jaiswal, the principal of the school where the event was held were among several other people present and it is very shocking that none of the numerous people present knew that they were paying homage to a person who is still alive.

. Neera was invited as a chief guest for the event where she inaugurated the smart classes, before the inauguration she garlanded the photo of the former president.


. Defending for what she did, Neera said that in schools photos of great leaders are garlanded to honour them as it is a way of paying respect, she stated that Kalam is a great scientist an there is nothing objectionable in garlanding the picture of a leader.

First published: 23 July 2015, 10:09 IST
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