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Burari Deaths Mystery: Not youngest son Lalit Bhatia but cops suspect 12th person presence; recovered 'new' notes from 2007

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 July 2018, 14:04 IST

The mysterious deaths case of Delhi's Burari area where 11 members of Bhatia family were found dead among whom 10 were hanging from the ceiling, blindfolded and gagged. Cops recovered 10 handwritten notes from the house and suspected that the youngest son Lalit Bhatia was the mastermind of the mass-suicide. However, a twist has made the Delhi cops job more difficult. The cops investigating the case has recovered a new note from the Delhi home and suspect the presence of a 12th person in the house. Those notes suggest that the family was allegedly involved in the occult practices since 2007.

As the main door of the house was open, explaining the reason why it was open, an investigating officer said, “We are working on two theories. Either the family believed that a superpower would enter through the gate and save them the moment they hanged (themselves), or a 12th person was present in the house at the time of the deaths.”

Police said the fresh handwritten notes they recovered from one of the rooms of the Burari's Bhatia family house were written way back in 2007 when the patriarch of the family died. “The entire family was devastated by the death, but his youngest son Lalit Bhatia was the most affected,” the investigator said on condition of anonymity.

The case is still into a nobble as police are still has to crack the mystery behind the 11 pipes hanging at the entrance wall of the house. Among which 7 were tilted and 4 were straight. “It could be a mere coincidence, but we are puzzled as the dead included seven females and four males,” the investigator said.

The probe so far has suggested that it was Lalit Bhatia who was writing all the notes and was leading the “ritualistic practices.”

“Our interaction with psychologists has indicated that the family could be suffering from ‘shared psychotic disorder’ in which all the members in a group do the bidding of their leader as they trust them unconditionally and believe they would be led out of the worldly problems,” said another senior police officer on condition of anonymity.


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First published: 4 July 2018, 14:04 IST