Ahead of Winter Session, PM Modi asks Oppn to peacefully discuss all issues in Parliament

News Agencies | First published: 15 November 2016, 20:03 IST
Ahead of Winter Session, PM Modi asks Oppn to peacefully discuss all issues in Parliament
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Ahead of the Winter Session of the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 15 November, exhorted all the opposition parties to cooperate and extend support to the government's crusade against black money and corruption.

The Prime Minister also urged the opposition parties to put forth their arguments in a fruitful manner in order to ensure smooth passage of the session.

"The Prime Minister reminded the opposition parties that they were cooperative during the passage of the GST act and requested all the parties' cooperation both inside and outside the house regarding the Government of India's crusade against corruption, black money and fake currency which are affecting common man," Kumar said.

The Prime Minister further called on the opposition parties, during the all-party meet, to come out with a solution with regard to conducting simultaneous Lok Sabha and assembly elections and the state government's role in funding elections.

"In the recent decades there have been spate of elections; therefore there is a need for simultaneous election. The Prime Minister exhorted all the parties to brainstorm and discuss the issue and debate this issue and come out with a solution," Kumar said.

On the other hand, calling the demonetisation as the "biggest scam of all time", Rajya Sabha MP and Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said the opposition is united and will jointly raise the issue in the Parliament.

"We are not against black money, but the Government has been unsuccessful in bringing back black money from aboard. And the manner in which the government haphazardly executed the demonetisation scheme, the farmers, small traders are bereft of money. The people are struggling to pay for medical expenses," Azad said.