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September 19: Know your horoscope for the day

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 19 September 2017, 6:14 IST

1- Aries

You'll easily find the information you need, but there is greater chance that someone may tell you only one side of a story and not the real facts.

2- Taurus

Arrangements for a fun outing are likely to be made at the last minute. Be ready as your mate may have crazy plans in mind.

3- Gemini

Mixing business and pleasure works to your advantage today and you can expect proper remuneration for the endeavours you've put in recently.

4- Cancer

You may need to re-evaluate some processes that aren't producing results. You could have mixed feelings about someone whom you share your many interests with.

5- Leo

Today you'll have a chance to settle differences with a co- worker. Your partner may be in a tizz, so you'll have to play things down and use your famous tact.

6- Virgo

It's quite possible that you land a money or business opportunity, but an immediate decision may present a challenge.

7- Libra

Making the best use of what you know will bring the best results. Caution is advised when spending, but you'll be very particular anyway.

8- Scorpio

Misunderstandings may creep in at some point, so double check the details before starting out on a new project. It may be wise to retract your steps to a more secure position.

9- Sagittarius

An intriguing problem has you going around in circles, as the answer eludes you.

10- Capricorn

The facts could compel you to take on a tricky situation, but avoid the temptation to stir things up if you are denied approval.

11- Aquarius

You'll be more discriminating at work, though in a positive way. Your reaction to an important matter could be the result of other peoples opinions.

12- Pisces

Expect a call from a distant place that should bring a solution. A wise approach in financial matters is needed here, though an expensive purchase is the issue at home.

First published: 19 September 2017, 6:14 IST