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September 14: Know your horoscope for the day

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 September 2017, 8:42 IST
September 14: Know your horoscope for the day

1- Aries

Do what is expected of you, at home and in your job, but find time for your social life as well.

2- Taurus

Your attention moves on to matters concerning your financial security. True love feels it might be developing, as your sweetheart begins to share secrets with you.

3- Gemini

You will have ample time to pay attention to your personal matters. You will have to keep a track of your schedule so that you do not lose track of your responsibilities.

4- Cancer

You may need to re-evaluate some processes that aren't producing results. You could have mixed feelings about someone whom you share your many interests with.

5. Leo

Your contacts will develop and you might receive some new opportunities for future. Try to spend more time with your children at home.

6. Virgo

Relationships aren't as easy as they could be right now, and brings one of those scratchy and temperamental days in which you're likely to fall out with all and sundry.

7. Libra

Professional advancement is possible, but do not press too hard yet.

8. Scorpio

Your doubts about future insecurities may be unfounded. A recent gesture of kindness is rewarded now. You'll have to adjust with other chores to spend some time with your love.

9. Sagittarius

You may seek support and confidence from close partners, associates and even family members. You shall get the full support from all quarters.

10. Capricorn

You may be making some innovative changes in your environment, but your progress may be interrupted by unexpected visitors. Be careful how you spend money on domestic matters. Don't miss the chance to reaffirm your love for your mate.

11. Aquarius

This is a time of introspection and review. Throughout the cycle, creative projects and romance are Mercury-ruled areas that require some rethinking and reorganizing. Decision-making is not straightforward as you search within for answers and need more time to draw conclusions.

12. Pisces

Enjoy the company of your favorite people, today. Taking pleasure in the small joys life has to offer is the best way to keep a positive outlook on life.

First published: 14 September 2017, 8:42 IST