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Decoding Wedding Design Codes

Aeshwarya Singh Mundel | Updated on: 13 March 2018, 11:43 IST

The devil lies in the details. And so does the idea behind the wedding decor. To be honest, no bride wants her wedding to be remembered as cheap or budget. In this era of Insta famous weddings, the competition is tough. Every bride wants her wedding decorations to stand out. And even if you’re on a budget and can’t go all out, you certainly don’t want it to be obvious to your guests. And then, if you play your cards right everyone will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

Wedding planners are of the say that how something is presented influences its perceived value and the experience of it. For example, a Rs.15 cookie wrapped in cellophane will look and taste like one from a small bakery. But when presented in an attractive wrapping with a dollop of icing and planted under a light, it magically transforms into a savoury gourmet delight. 

Just like the cookie, with the right presentation, your budget wedding can slip under the radar of your guests' noses by appealing to their visual senses as an upscale event. When your wedding decor makes a grand statement, your guests are more likely to see your wedding as a higher calibre and are less likely to notice any places you had to scrimp and cut corners.

In the wedding madness, most brides often tend to overlook the impact of their decor and they shortchange their entire wedding instead of strategically using their decors to give the guests the feel of a swanky upscale affair. Their amateur presentation let their small budget secret out of the bag.

If your wedding looks cheap, your guests will believe it was, regardless of the cost. 
So what do you do? Just take a few cues from the ‘in’ trends and add a little personal touch to spice up the most awaited day of your life.

GO GREEN: We don't mean, skip out all the chicken and kebab from your Punjabi wedding. Farmhouse wedding with decor that echoes a jungle look is in vogue. A wedding planner from Delhi says people are bored with over the top floral decorations. They want something new but real, like mosses, herbs and potted plants. 

UPSIDE DOWN: Weddings now deploy hanging designer light arrangements. Suspending a few above guests’ tables or even over the centre piece will give the ambience a mystic feel.

COPPER CRUSH: Copper is so in, it’s not even funny anymore. From lehengas to jhumkas to lipsticks, copper has the wedding universe in its fist. The big shift is the subtle use of it. From cutlery to candle stands, go for copper but don’t go overboard. 

First published: 3 December 2017, 14:01 IST
Aeshwarya Singh Mundel

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