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Watch: Is China really blocking Brahmaputra's flow into India?


A lot of hoopla has been created in the last couple of days over reports that China has blocked a tributary of the Brahmaputra before the mighty river enters India.

It has also been speculated that this could possibly be a response by China to India's announcement that it will review the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) with Pakistan.

Indeed, many hyper-nationalists in India have called for 'blocking' the Indus and 'starving' Pakistan of its water.

Unlike the IWT between India and Pakistan, India and China do not have any river water sharing agreements.

What they do have is an understanding to share flood data on some of the rivers originating in Tibet.

So then, what is this Chinese project all about? Does China's action amount to blocking the Brahmaputra? Can rivers be blocked at all? Is China trying to give a message to India?

If you have been wondering about all these questions, watch this video.

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