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Photos: Typhoon Megi tears through Taiwan, strikes China

Heavy rains came with Typhoon Megi, which hit China on Wednesday after passing through northeastern Taiwan. At least 33 people are feared missing in China\'s eastern Zhejiang province after heavy rainfall triggered two landslides, state media said.

Local authorities say they have mobilised heavy equipment and over a thousand people to help with search and rescue efforts.

Typhoon Megi killed four people and injured at least 500 more when it tore through Taiwan on Tuesday. Almost 4 million homes were left without electricity and nearly 3,00,000 houses were left without water, Taiwan\'s Central News Agency said.

Many people were injured by wind-blown objects. About 1,400 people had been evacuated from the country\'s mountainous areas, while another 2,900 are currently in homeless shelters across the nation, CNN reported.

Megi is the third typhoon to hit Taiwan in two weeks. The island\'s eastern coast was still recovering from damage caused by Super Typhoon Meranti earlier this month, which was followed by Typhoon Malakas, when Megi hit.

Over all, four typhoons have battered Taiwan this season.

(Text and photo curation by Priyata Brajabasi)