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How Daniel Craig's gloves in Skyfall nearly cost producers millions of dollars

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 July 2016, 18:09 IST

Of all things to bring the sky down, it was a lowly pair of gloves that nearly undid Sam Mendes's 2012 film, Skyfall. According to film critic Charlie Lyne's revelations via Twitter, Craig and Mendes had the most miserable time during the production of the James Bond film thanks to the pressure from the studios, the massive fan expectations, and toeing the line on the budget.

"Daniel Craig, in particular, used to go on these little shopping trips on his days off. On one of these trips he ended up in this little shop where he bought a nice pair of leather gloves and the following day he brought them back to set," says Lyne. The 48-year-old superstar wanted to add this teeny bit to jazz up his wardrobe and asked Sam Mendes for permission - which the latter gave without much ado, or thought.

It was only while editing the film, did a remark from an editorial assistant bring this easter egg to everybody's attention.

If you've seen any of the Bond films, you'd know his gadgets, his cars, and his guns come with a catch. In this case, Bond's gun had a fingerprint scanner, which meant only he would be able to shoot with it. During a fight sequence in a casino, the entire scene centered around how the villain manages to snatch Bond's gun from him, only for the move to backfire because the gun won't recognise the baddie's prints.

Backfire it did, but not where these guys thought it would. As the assistant pointed out - since Bond was wearing gloves, the gun couldn't register his fingerprints, which meant that the crux of the scene essentially made no sense.

Forget the bad guys, how would the super-spy fire the gun? This is some #EkThaTiger level sh*t if you ask us.

However this #Lulwut lapse of judgement both on behalf of the actor and the director - who we can only presume had been provided a script to read before this stunt - was rectified thanks to technology.

After figuring out that re-shooting would cost the film millions of dollars, which would obviously be difficult to explain to the studio, the editorial team decided "to digitally paint in Bond's hands".

"If you watch the scene now ... you can see that Bond has these ridiculously podgy hands because in every single frame he was wearing these thick leather gloves that have now been painted over with Craig-tone hands," signed off Lyne.

Those 'podgy' hands are well-deserved if you ask us.


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First published: 4 July 2016, 18:09 IST