Is your kid hooked on to smartphones & digital media; Expect homework woes!

Speed News Desk | First published: 25 October 2016, 13:59 IST
child with smartphone

Is your little one addicted to digital media such as smartphones, tablets, televisions? You have something to worry about soon.

According to a recent study, children addicted to digital media are unable to finish their homework on time. Kids spending four-six hours a day on digital devices outside of schoolwork, have 49 per cent lower odds of finishing their homework, as opposed to kids spending less than two hours a day on digital media.

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The study further revealed that children spending more than six hours on digital media have a 63 per cent lower odds of finishing their homework. On the other hand, kids spending two to four hours a day on digital media have 23 per cent lower odds of finishing their homework on time.

"It is important for parents and caregivers to understand that when their children are exposed to multiple different forms of digital media each day, the combined total digital media exposure is associated with decreases in a variety of childhood well-being measures including homework completion, task completion, interest in learning new things, and staying calm when challenged," said Stephanie Ruest from Brown University in Rhode Island, US to ANI.

For the study, pediatricians observed and analysed the media use and homework habits of more than 64,000 children aged six to 17 years.

The study was presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2016 National Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco, recently.

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First published: 25 October 2016, 13:59 IST