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We should learn to laugh at ourselves little more: Akshaye Khanna

Sonali Joshi Pitale | Updated on: 14 June 2017, 16:45 IST
Akshaye Khanna (file pic )

Akshaye Khanna was last seen in Varun Dhawan and John Abraham starrer Dhishoom, where he played a negative role. The actor is making a sort of a comeback this year with Sridevi’s upcoming film Mom. Akshaye who is playing a cop in the film talks about film, working Sridevi, politics, social media and more.

What made you take up this film?
The combination of everything, script, my role, people who are involved in it, Boney Kapoor and getting a chance to work with Sridevi. Many things, actually great ensemble cast. There was no reason for me to feel that this aspect of the film could have been better. A lot has been revealed about the entire film, because it is the nature of the film. I am playing a cop in the film who is investigating a case. It is a fictional piece.

How was it working with Sridevi?
We both are not communicative people. So there was not much communication on the sets. But without communication one can also enjoy working with one another, respect each other’s talent, and learn so much. It was wonderful to work with her. It is not just about her any artiste who has reached at that stage of their skill, one must be stupid to throw away an opportunity to work with them. Because it is rare, how many actors will get a chance to work with her, when she is doing a film every eight to nine years? It is beautiful to see that kind of talent at work, it is like sitting at TATA office and watching JRD Tata at work.

How did you get along with director Ravi Udyawar?
I have seen Ravi Udyawar’s work, I think I have experience to identify the level and depth of a person I am working with, especially the director. We get very few new good directors per year, one year you will get Imtiaz Ali or Rajkumar Hirani. I think after working with Ravi, I feel he will be an interesting addition to the industry. I believed in Boney and Sridevi’s conviction and we were proven right. I think Ravi in future will give us beautiful content. His standards are high in writing department and once you get it right on paper then you are ninety percent through. Getting quality writing is tough.

What keeps you busy when you are not working?
When I am not shooting I am basically depressed. So my life is controlling that depression. For any creative person to suppress that creativity, for example if you tell a singer that you cannot sing from today, something will break inside him or her. So when you suppress it, it doesn’t feel good. Also it is not necessary that what I express people should like it, they may feel it is bad but point is not that point is I need to express whether it good, bad or ugly. It depends on the interpretation of the audience. Art in any form is risky and subjective, some expression are universally accepted some are don’t. But very few people get opportunity to do what I am doing and I feel it is a blessing. I am blessed to part of the industry.

Do you want to explore any aspect of film making in future?
After a certain point in life, some actors get an urge that let me also direct a film, produce it and that is a very natural thing. Filmmaking is all about pecking order, there are certain discipline a unit follows. It is like a pyramid and the director is right at the top, so becoming a director or producer is all about getting more control. So, desire to have control and power is more in some people and less in some people. It is not a bad thing because with control comes responsibility too. It is a big step for an actor, it is different ball game. Normally when you are acting you come out of the set and you are pampered and you leave after pack up, but when you are s producer and director, your work hours are increased. But I have never had those desires to have more control, I never had that urge to direct or produce films.

Do you consciously stay away from limelight?
It is a fact that if you stay in limelight you get noticed. It is not about only actors, even if you look at the whole society everyone wants to be heard or seen whether it is a small platform or a big platform. I think that is what all these platforms are providing .People, which never had a voice; today at least they are expressing themselves, on Twitter or a blog. May be they can share it with their friends but they are still sharing. It is all about putting out what you think, feeling in a public domain where anyone can see it. Anything in the public eye is important whether you are an actor, politician or a sport personality. It is not what I am comfortable with but may be down the line I will be on social media. I think I should be expressing myself and it will happen pretty soon. I think I will give it try at least on Twitter. I don’t have a lot to say but once in while I can share my thoughts. Sometimes it backfires too, as you say something and people don’t agree with it. But those mistakes are bound to happen, we are all human beings. We are a nation of easily offended people. we should learn to laugh at ourselves little more and take ourselves little less seriously. I have learnt in my life that at least once a day you should say yourselves that don’t take it seriously. I can’t tell you what difference it has made to me. Life becomes lot more easy.

Do you have any inclination towards politics?
No, never. I do follow politics keenly. I don’t follow party politics per se. But I do read news papers and watch news. I am not detached from it. But I follow my country’s politics as a citizen and not like the one who wants to dive into that. It is something that I am not interested at all. I am not built like that. To be in politics, you primarily have to be a people’s person, that is a basic requirement, otherwise how do you go about doing your work? I am not people’s person. Having said that I have a high respect for people in public life, there will be always good people and bad people in public life in any country. Had our country had majority of bad people may be diplomats or IAS or IPS, Politician at state and central level; we would have been finished as a nation today. The fact is that we are still one nation, which is progressing in so many aspects, we are backward in so many ways too. But in past 60 years we have moved leaps and bounds in many ways it would have not been possible without good people who strived to for betterment of the country. I still believe that majority of people in are good, honest and hardworking. Politics fascinates me but I cannot think about it as a profession.

Do you feel the need to get married at this point of time?
No, not at all. I will see when the time comes. I enjoy my aloneness. I respect it and value it too much but once you fall in love it just disappears. So let’s see whenever it happens.

First published: 14 June 2017, 16:45 IST