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Sonam Kapoor says she was body shamed during her teens

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 7 March 2017, 14:45 IST
Sonam Kapoor (File Pic)

Sonam speaks about her boyfriends, books and body shaming

 Sonam Kapoor might be the fashionista of Bollywood but there were some hard days she had to go through when growing up. Being her candid self, Sonam speaks about how her growing up years were not easy as they might see.

Speaking in a TV show, Sonam revealed a few interesting facts about things like how her parents didn't approve of some of her boyfriends, and her favourite book remains to be Bhagawat Gita.  

She says that speaking your mind is almost considered illegal in this country, and how she thinks being honest is not brutal at all. In fact, she thinks honesty is the kindest thing that you can do to someone. 

 She goes on to talk about how Gita talks about Dharma and adharma and thats what she truly follows in her life. She says she is a feminist, but being a feminist does not mean you can’t dress pretty.

 Sonam reminisces her teenage days and how she faced body shaming. She urges teenagers to take care of their body and be healthy.

First published: 7 March 2017, 14:46 IST