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Ram Gopal Varma: I'm baffled with the name 'Anti Romeo Squads'

News Agencies | Updated on: 4 April 2017, 11:20 IST
Ram Gopal Varma: I'm baffled with the name 'Anti Romeo Squads'

Famous for his outspoken nature, Ram Gopal Varma has again made it to the news.

This time, he had a say about UP's Anti Romeo Squad. The 54-year-old-director took to Twitter and expressed his disappointment over the name of the squad.

He wrote, 'I am baffled with the name of Anti Romeo Squads...How can Romeo a revered lover be a synonym for an Eve teasing goon? If in India he can call them Anti Romeo Squads will YogiAdityanath be ok if Italians call same groups in their country Anti Krishna Squads?'

In a series of tweets, he continued that it is irresponsible to use 'that word through a governmental diktat.'
'Am sure the thought originated from the slang phrase Roadside Romeo but it's irresponsible to use that word through a governmental diktat. In generalizing all individuals by giving a single name Romeo, the goal is to malign the owner of that name with an illogical and malicious intent.'

The ' Sarkar' director rather feels that a name like ' Anti eve Teasers Squad' would have been an appropriate one.

To which, a user replied, 'people like RGV should be banned on Twitter.'

But, RGV was quick in responding and wrote, "I referred only in comparison of the traits and Romeo was a serious lover and not a flirt. As per the ban, u can just unfollow me dumbo."

For the unversed, Director General of Police Uttar Pradesh (DGP) Javeed Ahmed launched Anti-Romeo squads to check on eve-teasing in public areas, following Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's orders for the safety of girls in the state.


First published: 4 April 2017, 11:20 IST