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Movie Review Jagga Jasoos: A fun, musical joyride

Shubha Shetty Saha | Updated on: 14 July 2017, 14:55 IST
Jagga Jasoos is finally here for us to watch. And must say, it is worth the wait, at least most of the time.
Jagga's unique story, which combines a part of history with a fairy tale adventure, narrated in an enchanting sing song fashion, makes it largely a joyful ride. And of course, it's biggest trump is that Ranbir Kapoor, one of the finest actors that this country has produced, play the title role.
This whacky, confident film reflects it's central character Jagga's personality.   Jagga is not your below average joe, by any standards, even though he might look like it, with his stammering problem and his struggle with loneliness. He has a brilliant, ticking mind which loves indulging itself by playing a sleuth to neighbourhood crimes. Things take a delightful turn when Jagga meets accident prone, miss 'bad lucky' journalist, Shruti (Katrina Kaif). Jagga also now has a bigger mission, of finding his foster father Tooti Footi aka Badal (Saswat Chatterjee). It is Tooti footi who taught Jagga to make the best of his circumstances. 'If you can't talk, you sing,," is the principle taught by Tooti Footi, that Jagga tightly adheres to,  even in the stickiest of situations.
At points, however, the editing is so disjointed that one loses track of the story. Though Basu makes sure to bring you back to the story soon after, the cracks show.  
Anurag Basu has a unique story (written by himself) to tell, and he narrates it in a fascinating, musical way. 
And then Ranbir's superlative and effortless performance, Pritam's charming music and Amitabh Bhattacharya's beautiful lyrics come together to make this a film worth watching.
Basu also has an added advantage of having handpicked some of the most interesting actors to play the other characters. Katrina Kaif might not match up with Ranbir's brilliance, but she gives good support.
Don't miss the joyride. 
Stars: Four
First published: 14 July 2017, 14:55 IST