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Junglee Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal starrer ends up as a 'disappointment'; fails to entertain its audience

Ashish Rana | Updated on: 30 March 2019, 10:50 IST
Junglee Review

Junglee Movie Review: Junglee Pictures production house that started in 2014 announced their first film on their on name Junglee in 2017. The production took Hollywood director Chuck Russell and actor Vidyut Jammwal on the board to make the biggest film of their production house ever in terms of action and scale. Now finally after the wait of two years, the film has been out and let's see has Russell really gone as per the expectations.

Movie Name - Junglee
Star Cast - Vidyut Jammwal, Akshay Oberoi, Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhat, Makarand Deshpande, Atul Kulkarni
Director - Chuck Russell
Producer - Vineet Jain, Priti Shahani
Music - Sameer Uddin
Genre - Action-Adventure
Critics Rating - 2 stars



The film starts with how the elephant teeth have become a strong market for the hunters and how they have targetted an elephant century in Orrisa to kill the elephants. Then we directly reach to the introduction of Animal Dr. Raj Nayyar (Vidyut Jammwal) who runs a clinic in Mumbai. He has left his hometown Orrisa forests after his mother's death and he blames his father for her death.

Raj's father runs Chandrika Elephant Century in Orrisa and he is going to have a Pooja on the 10th death anniversary of his wife. Raj finally makes a comeback to his hometown in the forest of Orrisa and then he got to know that how the danger has come to his family and the most loved elephants, even his elephant friend Bhola. Atul Kulkarni who plays the hunter wants to kill the elephant Bhola who has strong teeth to sell in the market. Now the story of the film revolves around Raj and how he helps the Jungle from the hunters.



The Hollywood director Chuck Russell who had made films The Mask, The Scorpion King, Eraser and others has for the first time entered in Bollywood with the director of Junglee. But let me tell you that Chuck miserably has failed in the Bollywood as he has not gone even into any genre perfectly. Indian films have majorly appreciated for their emotional content, and despite having so many emotional scenes in the film, Chuck has not gone into the depth of it.

It looks like Chuck has gone fast forward in emotional scenes like a Hollywood. There were many scenes where we totally missed the drama that should have helped the audience to connect with the leading characters. Even in the action scenes, Chuck has not given importance to the action sequences.

The scenes with Elephants could have been gone better but like I say totally missed, so it was totally missed to get connected with the film. Maybe Chuck has not been familiar with the Hindi language and that became the reason that the dialogues in the film are irritating sometimes. The whole film is predictable and disappointing.



Vidyut Jammwal has a quality of being an action hero and after the watching the trailer I felt like this time he has chosen the right film to perform. Well, after watching the film I can only appreciate the flexibility of Vidyut that he can move anywhere without and do any action but besides that nothing. He is failed to entertain in many scenes, especially to those emotional scenes that could have been better. You won't feel any pain for his character.

Atul Kulkarni played the role of a hunter and if there is anyone whose role will make you entertain is then it is his role. Atul has some scenes where he will make you clap for him and especially where he used to say shloka from Mahabharata. One scene where he hunts for elephant Bhola.


Sameer Uddin has composed three songs, Fakeera Ghar Aaja, Garje Gajraj Hamara, and Dosti. While watching the film, you will love Fakeera Ghar Aaja and Dosti because of some soothing music and beautiful picturization.


Only watch this film if you have never gone to the jungle and wants to see how the jungle looks like. The beautiful locations of Orrisa and the life of elephants are the only reason to watch the film. Besides that nothing, even not the story.

First published: 29 March 2019, 10:27 IST