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#CatchChitChat: Sushant Singh Rajput tells us everything we need to know about MS Dhoni and the movie

Shweta Sengar | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:46 IST

MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, one of the most anticipated films of the year, is set for a release on 30 September 2016. Ahead of the film's release, its lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput revealed that the film will focus on the lesser known facts of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It will also give us a peek into the dressing room conversations of the Indian men's cricket team amidst the World Cup 2011 finals.

The actor also confessed that there is a lot to learn from MS Dhoni: The Person and he has already imbibed a few things into his life.

Excerpts from the interview:

How did you prepare for the role? How did Dhoni help you?

I spent a lot of time watching MS Dhoni. Whenever I got time, I was with him. I would watch him, his way of speaking, how he handles a particular situation and every minor detail about him.

Dhoni was a constant support. Though he would not tell me how I should go about a particular scene, he was there. I could easily ask him. He gives his 100% to whatever he is doing. So if I am there with him, he would help me out with utmost dedication and energy.

Do you think after watching the biopic, people will get to know more about Dhoni: The Person because he comes across as a very reserved person?

Yes. The movie MD Dhoni: The Untold Story is all about Mahendra Singh Dhoni and how he is as a person in real life. The audience will get to see him up and close.

How comfortable was Dhoni to open about his personal life? Did he ever guide you as to how to approach the character or a particular scene?

He never guided me for any particular scene. I spent a lot of time watching him and reading him on and off the field. How he would react, what he would say and every bit of him. He never told me how to approach a particular scene.

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But he was open to questions. I could easily ask him how to go about a particular scene in the movie. He is extremely supportive.

In WC 2011 finals, Dhoni took a surprising decision to promote himself over Yuvraj Singh. Will we get to know the discussions in the dressing rooms and what made him take the surprising decision?

Yes. Whatever happened in the dressing room, viewers will get to know all of it.

One quality about MS Dhoni you admire the most and want to adapt in your real life?

I have already adapted that one particular quality from MS Dhoni. A person must not become self-obsessed after achieving a lot of fame. Most people become self-obsessed and this is not a good thing.

How much focus is trained towards Dhoni's personal life? There are reports that more than cricketing, the film would be about Dhoni's personal life. And, his journey to making it to the Indian team!

The film's focus is not about cricket but on Dhoni's journey to become a cricketing icon. The film revolves around Dhoni's personal life and his journey to enter the game of cricket.

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How has Raabta shaped up? Are you done shooting for the film?

Raabta is almost complete. We have completed around 99% of the film's shooting.

What next after Raabta?

After Raabta, my next is 'Takadum'. Takadum stars Parineeti Chopra, Irrfaan Khan besides me.ca

First published: 29 September 2016, 12:19 IST