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Bollywood singer Zubeen Garg Strives to Revive back the 85 Years Old Assamese Film Industry

News Agencies | Updated on: 31 August 2017, 17:19 IST

With the motto to unite culture and strengthen the ties between different states and to make the youngsters feel homely, the all Assamese Students' Association New Delhi organised its fresher's cum social meet 'Freshtival' 2017 in the most grandeur manner held in the premises of NCUI auditorium, New Delhi.

The Delhiites got an oppurtunity to witness Assam's flamboyant vivid culture, which was represented by the young and jubilant freshers, who have been living the city to pursue their dreams in academics.

Every year hundreds and thousands of youngsters from all across the northeast region come to the national capital to pursue their further studies and build up a great career. Rather it has become the second home to many.

Likewise, this year many from the state of Assam through their hard work and competent skills have made it to different reputed colleges affiliated to Delhi University and are here all away from home to pursue their career.

To open the august gathering, the freshers begin with the famous song 'Aah Aah Ulai Aah'composed by legendary singer Late Bhupen Hazarika that highlighted the social integrity of the state of Assam.

Speaking to ANI, Violina Rajvangshi from Maitree College, DU said, "Till now it's been a good experience in Delhi and being a part of All Assamese Students' Association it feels really good as through this we can promote our own culture among all the people of different regions of the country. Since, Northeasterners has been always alienated through this association we can make an effort to promote our culture and to bring our people in the frontlight".

Young and free spirited freshers enthralled the huge crowds by performing various cultural dances and songs of Assam. Dances representing states like Punjab, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, which reflected the strong cultural amalgamation of various states of the country, also stole the show.

Apart from organizing an evening of utmost glitz and glamour, the student association this time aimed to take a humble step forward to revive back the reputed Assamese film fraternity and industry and its lost culture

Over the years many filmmakers such as National and international award winning Jahnu Baruah, actors like Adil Husain, Dipanita Sharma etc have been in the limelight representing the state of Assam in all spheres.

Moreover, the show was a hit with singing sensation Zubeen Garg singing some of his hit numbers that added glory to the event. The young and the old alike grooved to the tunes of Zubeen.

National Award winning singer Zubeen took Bollywood music to a different level and his contributions in the music industry has been simply jaw dropping. But now, he decides to go back to his roots and work for the lost incredibility of the Assamese film industry.

With that motive, he unveiled the trailer of his new movie' 'Mission China' which is a bilingual movie and plan to release it in various cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune.

"Assamese film industry has a history of 85 years of cinema. India's third film was made in Assam so it is our duty to protect it and take it to greater heights. We are trying our best and I am really hopefull to the young generation as they are really excited to work for it. We are also planning to open up the closed halls and it will definitely revive back", said bollywood singer Zubeen Garg.

The student union also expressed that the event came as a source of motivation for the freshers to know their culture in a better way and work for the betterment of the Northeast and the state as whole even in the national capital.

"This time we have come up with a different motto to bring all culture its an amalgamation of all culture of India under one platform. This is only for the freshers to know and focus on the thing that the Assam as a culture and a society should be pull up in the front light of the mainstream and of course the whole of the Northeast. Being a youth it is our responsibility", Debashish Kashyap, Organizing Secretary, AASAND told to ANI

"We are also focusing to bring back the lost film fraternity and work for the upliftment of infrastructure in the Assamese film industry", he added.

A fusion of folk classical dances of India like Sattriya, Odissi, Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc was well presented by the youths in the most extravagant manner.People from all walks of life gathered to witness the rich culture of the state.

The students expressed cultural identity of different states through dresses and sashayed down the ramp donning their best outfits.

"Life in Delhi right now is good as I have all my classmates and friends here so I actually feel home accept for the food because we don't eat much spicse. Food is a major concern for me in Delhi. People here have been quite friendly", said Priya Saikia another student from IP College.

"In upcoming years I will strive to take Assamese culture to a different level and I want the mainland India to know more about it and whatever the differences are there between the Northeast and Mainland should get better and I think people should try to know each other better now", added Priya Senior Dignitaries from the state of Assam also graced the occasion and blessed the students for their future endeavors. 


First published: 31 August 2017, 17:19 IST