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Weird! Man swallows Apple AirPod while sleeping; what happens next will make you say OMG!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 6 May 2019, 13:29 IST

Can you imagine an AirPods in your stomach? Well, it must be the scariest dreams that one could imagine. Isn’t it? But, there is a man who accidentally swallowed his Apple AirPods while sleeping.

Yes, you read right! A Taiwanese man identified as Ben Hsu gulp down his AirPods and guess what he pooped them out the next day. Bizarrely, Ben Hsu AirPods were completely fine and they were working properly.


If you don’t believe us then check out the video in which he showed the condition of his gadget.

See video:


Well, it’s clear that Ben Hsu’s Airpods were definitely waterproof because his gadget was completely fine even after in the liquid. Interestingly! Apply has never made any announcement about the waterproof feature of the AirPods. Rather, tech giant company always said that keep it away from liquids.

Now, it’s good news for the wire-free headsets users that their AirPods are waterproof.

Reportedly, Hsu revealed that he slept with his AirPods in his ears and when he woke up, he found only one. He tried to find the other AirPod via ‘Find my AirPod’ app, helps in tracking the missing device. Through the app, he found the AirPod in his room only.

“The map showed that my AirPod was at home, and I could hear the beep-beep' sound, which seemed to follow me around the room,” Hsu told in an interview.

He also told, “I also checked under my blanket and looked around but couldn't find it - then I realized the sound was coming from my stomach! I swallowed my AirPod.”

However, Ben didn’t feel any pain inside his stomach but, he went to the hospital where after an X-ray, the doctor confirmed that AirPods in his stomach. Doctors gave him laxatives and told to monitor his poop.

Finally, the next day, his AirPods was out from his stomach and also it was 41 percent charged.

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First published: 6 May 2019, 12:50 IST